I'm Leaving Taiwan.


Yup, this is not a clickbait title. In this video I will explain why I decided to leave Taiwan after 3 months of living here. I had plans to stay here long term but it doesn't seem like the best choice for me at this time.

I hope to visit Taiwan in the future but as of now, I don't have any plans to live abroad. It's important to be with my family at this time and find a place where I can settle down long term.

Check out my instagram to see content from me in between my YouTube uploads. Thanks to everyone for supporting me on my journey and watching my videos. China videos will continue to be published even after I have left Taiwan.

A Dose of China: 15 Things You Must Know Before Moving to the Middle Kingdom
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---------Cameras and Gear Used To Shoot This Video -------
Sony A6300 (w/ Kit Lens)

Sony SELP18105G E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS

Zoom H5 Audio Recorder

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Hey man, you know what's best for you! Glad you are able to have the foresight to know what's best for you! Best of luck and even if you stay off youtube for a while hope you stick around on steemit!

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Thanks buddy. I like to still post short blogs on steem but my desire to make videos has definitely gone down. I like photography so im gonna focus on instagram too.

Thanks man. All the best

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Only you know what's best for you. It's ok to realise something is not right for us right now. That feeling of "home" is a different place for everyone. Hope you find yours.

By the way, have you ever lived in or near Montreal? That's where I'm from, but I know there are a lot of opportunities here for all sorts of careers.



I have only lived in Ontario. Never been outside of my province in Canada. I need to change that! Do you know anything about the engineering field over there?

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Not really lol but I see jobs in various engineering fields pop up when I search for writing jobs for some reason. So I type "writer" which obv is too general, and I get programming stuff or technical stuff, but then the other jobs available at that company mention engineering. So I've seen things pop up so I know you'll probably find something here if you decide to come here. It's a weird way to know available jobs, I know.

I hope you'll find the place where you'll feel right at home. YOUR home. When you find the right home, you just know it, you just feel it. It's funny, finding my house was like finding my husband, I just knew lol ;)

Well I did have this feeling that you were going to move back to Canada after your last visit. Good luck on that. I'm also taking a taking a break from steem. Might just stick to dtube for now, link it with my YouTube channel. It isn't just fun anymore here and the money I am earning here isn't sufficient any longer so I have to make a move.


Youre feeling was right brotha!
Im not sure what to think of steem. I am bored as well and it feels dull these days.

Ill still post but I am worried about my investment for sure. Good luck dude and thanks for coming by. My dtube videos dont really get comments anymore.

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So, now that the bathroom tiling situation is all fixed up, your work in Taiwan is done :)
Seeing you without your hat on, is a bit like seeing Kyle take his hat off for the first time, on South Park, haha.
Some interesting reasons given in your video, but I couldn't help noticing that there was no mention of going back to Canada, to reunite with your BFF, now that she is no longer posting on Steemit :P
Perhaps you could vlog the reunion, or maybe the wedding?
Now that would be a video, haha.


I took my hat off in fear that i wont have luscious, amazing hair like yours when I reach your age 😀.

Who is this BFF you speak of? You mean Lilian in China, Johnathan from the USA?

Who knows, I might even come over to Australia next. The problem is that I have a strict “dont reside in the same country as Bobaphet” rule that I live by...

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I was referring to the kawaii :P
You'll be able to come to Australia in 2021, after I've moved to Peru :)


😆😆😆 kawaii eh? Ok ill film the reunion.
Peru seems cool. What made you choose it?

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