Community Tip That Helped Me in the Early Days

3년 전

Today I’ve been reminiscing the very first Steem event I attended in Las Vegas last year. I remember a talk that @richardcrill gave from stage that didn’t seem super profound to me but it actually was on a large scale.

It was a tip that Richard gave to new Steemians (aka me) at the time and I am grateful for it to this day. Projects mentioned in this video are @steemhunt, @dtube, and @freedomex.

Please comment below for an invite to one of those servers and I will help get you acquainted. For those of you who have been around for a while, you are already know the benefits I discuss in this video. Cheers guys 🥂

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thanks for sharing :)

Aside from the person that introduced me to Bitcoin and Etherum in 2016.. you are the person that helped me the most on Steemit @kenmelendez.

I am still recieving dividends from your earlier support of my posts since @esteemapp upvotes content based on the Steem score system.. and my score is mainly where it is today based on your previous upvotes.

Thank you 😀🖐️

P.S. I don't have as much as a stake as others.. but I still made it as one of your top supporters on this post.. even though my family's stake is split up in 5 accounts - they follow all of my upvotes automatically.


That means a lot, Chris. Glad you are benefiting from the support. I have enjoyed getting to know you better and appreciate your thoughtful comments. The future looks bright for us ☀️

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Yes it does 😀🖐️

Hi friend 👋
I can say that interacting with people is the best way to build a fan base in the first place along with making friends!
The fact that dropping on others posts and take a look at them making them feel the appreciation is definitely true, for me.
When i was active on the steem block chain 2months now i was taking care of contact with other steemianas.
So now #Imback


Glad to see you back @soufiani. Decentralized social media is the way of the future so stay close to the fire 🔥

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My guy Ken still dropping gems! We came a long way from the steem creators conference man, appreciate your consistency!!


The best place interacting with people in the community,@partiko easy to use using mobile phone.. @esteemapp for a great curation @dtubes @steemhunt and also. Thrnk you for sharing ang God bless

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@kenmelendez thanks for sharing your reminiscences and about discord servers to communication ! :) 💙

GodSpeed ! @freedomex @actifit @partiko @dtube @ddaily @dclick @qurator @steembasicincome @steem-ua, @roundbeargames and so on !

Today is Congrats Day ! 💙

Let's Together Participate Steem Power Up Day season 2
#steem ♨ On !

Hi @kenmelendez

STEEM is funtastic place and interaction is important. I use Discord since long and already connected with Dtube and steemhunt. I have account in freedomex exchange as it was required to participate in Contest by @cryptospa but not connected on thier discord. Here's the snapshot. Thanks for the nice video.


That was an amazing conference and I was bumped that I had to miss the next ones. We sure had a lot of fun there and lots of good tips were shared and friendships formed.
Discord is key - even though I don't use it as much as I should. There is only so much time in the day.
How are your boys? I always want to stop by and say hi and today, thanks to dcontests, I finally did it :)
Always nice to see you 😄

Taking a walk along memory lane is important to ascertain and gauge success level. Well I am not that active on discord because of too many notification popping all the time so I just shutdown and do visit occasionally, though I am steemhunt and dtube server, you let me see the gem in it, this call for me to increase my interaction and engage and like the freedomex server is loaded great stuff, will need the link.Thanks for sharing

Everyday I learn something new. It is amazing how many tiny things have the hugest impacts.
Discord has become something that has become one with my journey on the steem blockchain. Sometimes it even becomes overwhelming, the amount of communities and chats that go on.
I learnt something new from your video and I know a lot of others will benefit from it too.
I have to add this to #the5reelgood

It is an amazing platform with so many new thing to explore which im learning still

You are right that Discord is the best messaging application. I like Discord because it's a safe and secure messaging application where Facebook messenger or whatsapp are doubtful. Thanks for the valuable discussion.

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I'm glad to know that there is a lot of people like you @kenmelendez to help the community grow and i like people who those helping others thank you and god blessed..

That must have been a long time

@kenmelendez, A Stage can become one of the influential place of action because whoever stands on it in a way knows some clues and keys to build something, may be Business, Network or Relationships.

Discord is now became Hub Of Communication And Discussion for Steem Communities and sometime back I've completed the Meditation Session with @naturalmedicine Community on the Discord Server.

And most importantly Discord is effective to boost the Community Movements and effective discussions.

I want to really appreciate your efforts to pass this experience. Have a blessful time ahead.

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Thanks for the info!


You are very welcome @rebelsandstars

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Hey @kenmelendez! We are happy to announce that your post is on the contest list for The 5 Reel Good by @ddaily!
For more information about the contest, the topic of the week and more about us, don't miss to check our profile: @ddaily.
Good luck with this weeks contest!



What is freedomex about?

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Congratulations man your video had been selected by dcontest for Promoting your video in our contest post😊 within 30 minutes :)

Get ready to get some more real engagements 😊

Additional Information : is a Dapp founded by @freecrypto and developed by @neavvy

Thank you for this information on discord server.
I have learnt a lot of great tips on discord concerning steem blockchain and steemit.
Freedomex is a new server I did not know about. I will join and share with the community.