Getting a Job to Get Land? Playing Magic Fest Denver This Weekend! Oh, and That Rattle In My Lungs Is Gone :-)

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Well, here we are again. I've been thinking of you, beautiful Steemians, but have been too exhausted to get much writing or recording done. I always try to look for the lessons in any illness/injury, and certainly the biggest one I'm feeling this time around has been gratitude for how wonderfully well my body usually feels.

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In case you missed it, I recently announced that I'm planning to set up a kitchen and offer meals at the Jackalope Freedom Festival, so I hope to see you there!

If you happen to be around the Denver area, and a player of Magic: The Gathering, then maybe I'll see you this weekend at MagicFest Denver. I'll be doing 2 tournaments per day Friday & Saturday.

Blessings to you all; be well!


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hope you get back to feeling better soon!

Hey! How did you get rid of the rattle? Would homeopathy have anything to do with it?😍

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Mostly by waiting about 2 weeks haha, along with multiple essential oil steams, doing a neti pot a few times a day, tons of different tinctures & vitamins, etc etc.

This thing held on longer than any little bug I've faced, but I know that my lack of sleep at Rainbow and during the week after were a big part of that.


Isn't it amazing how important sleep is?! It's hard to sleep when you're having so much fun though - don't wanna miss a thing.

finally able to post on dtube - good

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