Have you ever heard of the "Cleanplanet" Project?

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If you are trying to watch this via @Steempeak, this video is unavailable (I don't know why). You can watch it by clicking on the image above the Youtube video and you will be re-directed to Dtube. Enjoy it

Have you ever heard of the "#Cleanplanet" Project?

Cleanplanet is an eco-citizen rewarded act.
Collect rubbish from the streets, take some photos or a video proving you collected the rubbish, post it on your #Steem account and get rewarded in cryptocurrency.
It's that simple.

More info about the @Cleanplanet project can be found here :

This is not an official Cleanplanet video, it's just a promo with some of my "@Cleanplanet Walk" clips put together to promote this awesome initiative at Youtube. I tried uploading the same video to Instagram but I couldn't due to copyright issues

Thank you all for watching my friends and remember that times are changing, will you be a part of the change?

Music : Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
I do not own the music. All rights belong to the original creators

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We'll look into it


Thanks guys. I can watch it no problem from my Steemit page but it doesn't seem to work on Steempeak.
Keep up the awesome work!

What a super great idea to do this trailer !
Upvoted 100%
Great help !
See you @knowhow92

Will you be at dtube.forum 2020 in Hamburg ? 15-17 may


Thanks guys. I haven't done a cleanplanet walk for so long and I just wanted to do something that involves cleanplanet since it's one of my favourite projects here!
I will try my best to be there my friend. Difficult times to live in Greece.
We just survive here, we don't live!

Wow what a great video and promotion for Cleanplanet @knowhow92, and you showed exactly how to do it the right way, including the dog, it's awesome.

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