My weekly @Cleanplanet contribution // Cleaning is addicting

4개월 전

What's happening everybody?

Today was the day I decided to do my weekly @cleanplanet walk.
I have been doing weekly cleaning walk for some time now and if many days pass without a @cleanplanet walk I feel that something just is not right.Hehe.
For real, the feeling I get when I throw the trash into the trashcan can't be described with words.Just try it one time and I bet you will do it again.

If you check out my last @cleanplanet vlog, you will see that I visited a very busy street and I managed to clean only the right side of the road.Today I went back and cleaned the left side.There are too many trash at that area and I definitely need to visit again.People were looking at me weird, a couple of folks actually asked me what's going on but they were elders so I decided not to mention @cleanplanet.
They were kind of shocked to hear that I wasn't getting paid by the municipality and I was doing it for my satisfaction. Haha.
Old people are weird.

Thank you all for watching and supporting me and try helping mother nature too, she deserves it.
Much love everybody.

Edit : @Knowhow92
Music : Boztown - Christ Must

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Nice work bro! I hope one day everyone pick up their trash at this country... Its so sad to walk, skate, cycling or what you do and see trash everywhere.. God daaamn dirty people. Keep mother nature clean yo!!! 🚮


The situation in Greece sucks @alexjay and you know this bro.
Thanks for the feedback <3.

Hey man,
It's great what you're doing!

Soon people will no longer look at each other in strange ways, because we will soon be so many that they will be the ones who will be strange!


I hope so brother.
I don't really care how they look at me, been a skateboarder in a small city they always looked at my like that.
I am sure more people will start following the @cleanplanet movement.
What about @cleanplanet tokens?They went boom!
600% UP in price.
Super fantastic.


Yes, it is so existing to always see the most trade volume with our token.

It is very encouraging to see that more and more people are taking an interest in this new way of making a donation as a reward for an eco-citizen act!