My onboarding list for "Operation Mass Adoption" contest ( Video & Text )

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What's up people?

@Steemonboarding 's "Operation Mass Adoption" contest has come to an end so it's time for me to present you my list that includes all the people I convinced to join our blockchain.
I thought it would be better to present my list in both video and text format in the same post of course because some people enjoy watching rather than reading.
snap (30).jpg

The total number of people I onboarded is 13 included one person who signed up last year but he hasn't posted anything until the contest begun. I convinced him to start using Steem so he wrote a proper introduction post and posts daily ever since. The account name is @selfmadebastard. It's on the judges hand if his name should be included.

Without further delay, here is the list with the names and their introduction posts :














13 people in total and 9 of them will be posting skate-related content for @steemskate

Even though there are great prizes for the winners of this contest, the real winner is Steem blockchain.
Even if some people didn't sign up, they now know what Steem is because you talked about Steem in real life.
That's mass adoption. Once something becomes widely spread, people will flow in.

Good luck to all other participants and big ups to @steemonboarding and every sponsor of this contest.
Thank you for watching and stay safe.

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Killing it with onboarding folks! Hope you win for sure. What's the prize?


Off topic but have you tried using the website It's much easier to navigate the Steem blockchain and see your rewards, who follows you etc. I've tried numerous different ones but Steempeak seems to be the easiest in my opinion!
You could be using Steem Plus and the Steemit site but just wanted to throw it out there, I like Steempeak's interface.

I'll check it out, thanks!


I could yes.
I'll take a look at steempeak later bro and I'll tell you my opinion.
Thanks for the reccomendation yo.

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Yeeeeah G'.Ride the sky.f.T.R

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