Chill afternoon skate sess with fTR_Crew


Yo everyone, what's up?

More skateboarding is delivered daily by me and fTR Crew at your screens and today is no exeption.

We had a nice chill skate sess yesterday at the local skate park and managed to capture some footage while skating the flatbox. the pyramid and the kicker. Feels good to land all your shit in a short amount of time. That's what happened in this video.

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Here is the link

Much love to everyone and stay safe

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oh Shit!! papadog broken the board, bro always with fresh sessions, is amazing much style and control in the table, keep going and killing every day.


Yeah man, RIP Papadog board. The good thing is he had just bought a new one cause this one was cracked.
I am so happy you like the session G. Gonna get my fat ass up and go skate now, it's a great sunny day here in my city!