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How to reach the members of the military and law enforcement, that is the question because it is they among us that use force to protect our enslavement. Makes no sense but...
While waiting for my car to be serviced, a retired military guy started talking to me. Nice guy, very friendly until.. He brought up football and I said I hadn't been watching it much lately. Big smile came to his face because he thought I was boycotting football due to the players kneeling.

I saw that in his face and I just said, "You know the truth about that."
His head started shaking side to side in the NO motion almost involuntarily, then his eyes glazed over and he walked off in what appeared to be a trance. Not another word spoken.

All I can do is tell the truth as matter-of-factly and logically as I can. Anyway, still waiting for something to work.

Thanks Larken for this great rant! This is why I said while back that I wanted to charge everyone with Dereliction of Duty. All I ever hear from people or "statists" is that the government sucks this or they hate the government because of that, and then they go out and vote for more government. And then people wonder why I have lost faith in humanity.

Statism: the belief that we require permission to be free.

This is why I'm not at all afraid to be the inglorious bastard that I am getting right in societies face about these things. Establish world peace, kill all the statists!

Which of course I know is irony because by saying this I'm advocating violence. But am I Larken? In my eyes I'm reacting out of self-defense because these Statists advocate violence and aggression towards me giving me a genocidal death sentence. Yet, I'm the asshole for speaking up and speaking out wishing we could kill those who want to kill us. SMH

sigh is there any hope???

Larken -

Holding a person accountable is an act of respect as surely as vengeance is an act of justice.

Individuals embracing statism are initiating aggression and their action forfeits their control over the outcome of retaliation to their aggression. It follows that statists are not entitled to debate, any debate extended to them is charitable which includes pity. Statists are not entitled to charity. Statists are not entitled to pity.

"All statist positions are cowardice." - Larken Rose

Cowards are some of the most dangerous individuals (and collectives) on the planet. The cult of statism has sheltered exposure of the statist (globalist) climate engineering agenda for seven decades. The present trajectory outcome for this aggression is planetary omnicide 2026. In exercising my virtue of selfishness I will not feign respect for statists who intend to turn two blind eyes to the truth and cowardly seek shelter in sophist masturbation about an imaginary aggression manifesting emotions of shame within their own body. Emotions are byproducts of thought processes not vice versa. Statists have banked enough unrepentant aggression to expect the worst from their own cult members, let alone the voluntaryists who know what they are. In contrast I myself know the blessing of pure hatred in my heart and it is empowering.

The justice of an act of vengeance characterized by me not lifting a finger to impede the cannibalism of statist versus statist is within my philosophical right of retaliation against statist aggression. Vengeance is a dish best served cold, and in these end days I will allocate the coldest to collective psychopathy and minuscule differentiation to individual sociopathy. To the traitors that peddle their "shame" sophistry, I look forward to their screams in the night. The human life-form is not a comfort zone experience. There is no future for men who don't man up.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA