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Larken -

This was a very enjoyable speech articulating what I know I experienced growing into anarchy. However, it is my observation that the guilt will never be challenged internally by socialist seniors collecting socialism security entitlement checks funded on the backs of the working poor. Is the most affluent class in the USA (seniors) beyond confrontation despite being the most rigidly collaborative?

I've never met a senior that refused to sign up for socialism security and I'm going to turn 60 in March so I've been searching for a long time. I find it absolutely confounding that there is no conscious movement of the working poor to confront their enslavement to the generations (great society and shitboomers) that own the national debt and additional 210 trillion dollars of unfunded socialism security promises (to themselves). Perhaps the young working poor aren't up to facing their own indoctrination manifested guilt to face the most experienced enemies of freedom. But if not now, then when? Have you specifically called awaken to the young working poor to break this "spell" of Stockholm syndrome that bends the young to the eldest most pathologically narcissistic collectives in history? I've initiated this discussion with young people many times and they usually have no clue where the national debt even came from or why. It's not surprising of course because nobody speaks for them, especially the statists on the take.

There has never been a time when the most affluent sector of the enemy was more convinced of their comfortable victory over morality. There has never been a time when the young working poor had less to lose. Surely you must know what is upon us all. Third parties are negotiating the final outcome of this final decade. This will not do. The young working poor must rise up and refuse to negotiate. Neither should they feel any guilt for those who rested in erroneous comfort of having already conquered them before they were born. They have not won.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA