"What Anarchy Isn't" Booklet


We are, RIGHT NOW, taking pre-orders for the first mass printing of the brand new "What Anarchy Isn't" mini-book/pamphlet. Until the end of TUESDAY, February 26th, the price is $1.50 per book, with a minimum order of 40 copies (for $60). There is no maximum order size if you PRE-order. You can send payment…

…by GooglePay to: larken@larkenrose.com
…by Bitcoin to: 1NX7kpuHJpegRKh53YF9aw79hd6LBcbLT3
…by PayPal to: tootruthy@gmail.com

However you order, be sure to GIVE ME AN ADDRESS to mail the books to, once we have them. (You can contact me at larken@larkenrose.com) Prices will go up after Tuesday, but will never go above $2 per mini-book.

To download a free PDF of the whole book, use this link:

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Brilliant work! I can afford to buy currently but will be sure to print out and spread around in my local area 💯🐒

Just finished reading it. Well done, @larkenrose! This is such an amazing way to open the eyes of many whilst giving them a more understandable brand of the same progressive concept of Anarchism, and I applaud such lengths you took to create this piece! Many, MANY kudos, brother! You best believe I will be sharing this with anyone and everyone I know, to hopefully help further reach an unfortunately improperly educated mass on the concept.

A tip of the cap to you, good sir!

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This is a great booklet.... love it. :) Makes it so much easier to get the point across.

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Very nice work. Simple and effective.
@larkenrose I'd like to translate it to Portuguese. If you're interested, I could do it, send you the text and you could lay it out. Or, if you send me the original, I can do the layout and everything. I'd love to distribute it in Brazil.