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How free are you when at any moment while walking down the street, and be accosted and kidnapped by a uniformed thug, for not having a license.

Ver are you'r papars?

I'm one of these morons Larken who refuses to have any government issued form of identification. Free men don't need permission to put a gun in their pocket. This is why I promote the idea I call the "NEW" West. Do no harm but stand your ground. So far I've been kidnapped once for not having a license and I'm still not going to stop there. I'm planning on doing it again till I finally get it right and this corporate fascist criminal government leaves me alone.

As an activist living back in Arkansas I've been wanting to start a movement to "Unincorporate Arkansas." More than likely it will be just me because everyone else around me in my life are all still cowards bowing down to the State. Yeah I realize that I'm on a suicide mission. If more people joined me then maybe that wouldn't happen. That's why I want to charge everyone with a Dereliction of Duty Judgement. For being wusses and not joining me because they too want to be free.

Larken, this is a timely message for me - it really served to temper a bit of my zeal. Currently, my position on the matter of compliance with the State is that my personal integrity, my moral compass and my principles are the very things make me an individual. I concluded that to compromise any of these ideals would be akin to becoming a mercenary, putting my beliefs and convictions aside in order to gain favor with some authority or even for personal benefit (to the detriment of another, as government can't give anything to you without first taking it, by force, from someone else). It got to the point where I actually refused to jump through the necessary hoops in order to retrieve some of what the government stole from me by way of taxes. I felt that my participation in their corrupt system, or even my acknowledgement of them would only serve as validation. I knew it was not the "smart" thing to do, but I felt that it was the "prinicpled" thing to do - if nothing else, my hardline stance was able to start conversations about liberty that would not have otherwise taken place.

But here you are, serving as the voice of reason, as ever, reminding me that sometimes it is better to go along to get along; and in my case, that if I had just swallowed my pride long enough to jump through the requisite hoops, I could have secured resources in order to further the cause of freedom. I look back on the situation without the benefit of clarity, and I'm unsure how I would react the next time. I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that my principles are indeed my most valuable possession, but does acquiescence necessarily imply erosion? I'm not so sure. Perhaps you or another would care to weigh in.

PS. Preaching to the choir here, but if anyone is looking for a copy of Larken's book, "The Most Dangerous Superstition", I've purchased a case of them and will happily send a copy to anyone interested, free of charge (though I won't complain if you help me out with shipping fees). Just let me know.


How did you buy his book? I'd really like a copy, but will buy one from him if possible.


How did I buy his book? I accomplished this feat on two (2) separate occasions. There was once a time when Larken sold his books on his website:

But that is no longer the case. Either way, I managed to snag one right before he stopped offering them directly.

The second time - the reason I've come to possess so many copies - is by taking advantage of this opportunity when it presented itself:

It does look like Larken is selling copies on Amazon US and I'd wholeheartedly encourage anyone to support him directly by buying from there. I just tried putting 30 copies of his book into my shopping cart and it seemed to work. Unfortunately, that's not really the case outside of the US, though. Check out these screenshots I just took:
Amazon UK.png

Amazon Germany.png

Amazon Canada.png

Those were literally all of the copies selling in the entire marketplaces of those respective sites.

There is also a fairly well done audiobook on Youtube if you're in a pinch:

See also:

I guess my offer was more intended for people living outside of the US who can't get copies quite as easily or as cheaply, though I will still send to anyone who wants one. All I want to do is put the book into the hands of willing readers.

Hope that answers your question.


Thanks for that. I don't shop on Amazon and I actually have a downloaded copy, but prefer an actual book. I guess I'll just find a way to print the copy I have. I would rather buy one from him so I can support him, but it doesn't seem I can do that at the moment. Thanks again!


What? Print the entire book off yourself? Unless you have access to an industrial grade printer, that sounds like a crazy plan. Try contacting @larkenrose directly, and I'm sure you'll hook you up. Otherwise, I've found pretty good success at corresponding with him by posting youtube comments in his new videos within the first few days of its upload. Or try emailing him at

If all else fails, send me a private message with your info and I'll hook you up myself :P

This is why you are one of my favorite voices for liberty.
One of the types of people who bother me the most are the ones who say that because they were violated by the state in a certain way, everyone else should be too. "I have a license, so if you don't have a license I'm going to report you!" Doesn't cut it for me. If I've felt it necessary to get a particular license, but you haven't, I'm going to cheer you and will NEVER do anything to try to get you in trouble.

Larken -

"How free can you be?" I can be completely free and die. The underlying fact is that death has no enemy. One has the option to envision that they are already dead, it's not a relevant parameter to the dead and departed, rather the only outcome you are managing is the "timing" of your release from human life-form. Everybody dies, a brave man dies but once but a coward dies every day.

In considering your paradigm unfolded in your post, I perceive the art of living (in human life-form) if accepted as tolerable-to-productive utility by an individual, is carried on by freewill which is in itself a component of freedom. One is free even to do evil despite having no right to such unconscious behavior. However their evil deeds will diminish their consciousness and the price must be paid in this life or the afterlife to return to consciousness, and therefore they are their own slave master. So follows their accountability. There are no conflicts in reality.

I "am" is a statement of fact. I "am an anarchist" is ego mis-identification. Ego isn't real it's just story. The core of all mankind's suffering manifests from ego mis-identification. If an individual accepts to maintain the art of living as human life-form it's hardly a worthy fixation to acknowledge or judge the amount one is robbed or how frequently they are robbed by statists. It is most important to fixate on how many times an individual does or doesn't maintain a sociopathic relationship. The former choice is dying, the latter is growing. No matter how many time I am robbed or avoid being beaten I am growing.

I was blessed with the suffering of having been raised by psychopaths. I look forward to the conflicts and the choices I will make to deal with them. I look forward to death, I always have. I am committed to the pursuit of infinite truth, and it seems reasonable that death likely presents great opportunity of choice. Nothing I've endured has ever made me weaker or less wise. The purpose of human life-form is not altruism. Altruism is the philosophy of death. Live for yourself, die for anyone you wish, whenever you wish. Don't feed off your grandchildren or anyone else's on the way to your grave.

I will die before I ever petition the state to bring me a "socialism security retirement entitlement check" and I'll turn 62 eligible in 2021. I will die before I ever stop criticizing Israel and the USA for war atrocities. My wife and I haven't been required to file a tax return since the supreme court upheld Obamacare and the individual penalty ends for year 2019 income reporting. We may choose to increase income and file future returns which feeds the beast more aggressively, however what we keep will be positioned against statists. I'll never give a damn what someone else calls me, as I'm inclined to kill my ego whenever I recognize it.

I read in the book "Evil In Modern Thought" that, "The noble brute doesn't need anyone else to know who he is and what he needs. in contrast the civilized man never recognizes himself unless reflected in the eyes of others." Civilization is not freedom. Civilization is not sustainable.

Thanks for the free-flow of posts. I dig it.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  ·  작년

This is the perfect message for me to hear right now as I'm probably going to have to engage a bit more. On the plus side it will give me more opportunity to spread the word :)

Take my like! :P