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Even paradise had laws. Just saying.


  ·  작년

And if we did not have laws, children would become adults by the age of 12. And yes, that would be a good thing too.

I came to understand that i would have left a trail of dead body's in a world occupied with today's domesticated mindset people if there was no LAW . A LAW to protect them from , being human and honest . A law to hide behind .
A law that takes away the basic right to be , me .
A law that makes inhuman behaviour legal and accepted .

As i understand taking down all fake law's at this moment in time will probably dramatically reduce Earth's human population . Witch i start to think is not a bad thing at all . Ill take some years of real freedom over a enslaved drag to a sad end anytime .
Don't get me wrong , i am a peaceful human , it's my defence that might kill when i am assaulted or abused .

Peace to all .

Ver y well explained is so obvious yet people don't see it. That's the effect of the media. When you point it out like this you can see the sparked in peoples mind then the programming takes over. Planting the seed is essential 💯🐒

Natural Law is the only real Law that exists. Law is something that is constant and true regardless of where you. So when you can't smoke weed in one state and it is perfectly fine in another is not a "law". These so called "laws" written by politicians are only called laws in order to associate them with actual Law.