My new Mantis pet

2년 전

For a couple of days I heard at home some low intensity noise resembling a leaf falling or something. Didn't really pay much attention.

Yesterday I heard it again a bit louder and I was like wtf, gonna check out. I ended up with a surprise, there was an european adult brown manties by my bed. It was trying to climb the wall and was making noise as it would fall.

I decided to pick it up in a glass big jar, and went to buy some crickets for it.

Unfortunately in the shop, they completely not recommended me to purchase them, they repeteadly told me the size of the crickets available were too big even for an adult mantis (this mantis is not even fully developed).

I still decided to purchase them, didn't have any more pet shops available around.

The result can be seen in the video..

▶️ DTube
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