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The global nature of blockchain technology is reshaping how people are able to collaborate outside of any national or regional jurisdiction.

ABC’s of the Blockchain Mindset is part of our efforts to produce relevant content in the blockchain space. First of all, we believe there’s a need to accelerate blockchain education, especially around the potential to innovate social interactions and institutions. Because this technology is so unlike anything else, we first need to learn how to think in a blockchain context, as a result we started this mindset series.

Please let us know what gets you excited about the possibilities of blockchain and how it relates to the world.

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bravo Lisu sunt mandru de tine, frumoase proiecte !


Ma bucur sa aud asta :) dar sa stii ca am nevoie de ajutor. Daca ma poti ajuta cu ceva promovare pe orice canale esti activ ar putea duce mesajul mai depart.


am dat un resteam si in rest nu prea stiu alte canale


Multumesc frumos, frate!

Dear @lishu

Wowwowow. It's the very first time I'm seeing you life buddy. Surely I never imagined you to look the way you do :)

Thx for sharing link with me to your publication. I found it very difficult to promote dtube via Steemit and still receive comments. I've seen many people trying and yet I didn't witness many succeeding. I can only wish you good luck.

ps. Your english is real decent. Are you sure you're from Romania? You'e doing very well buddy.