Earn Free Crypto With YouTube

2개월 전

In order to help people recover my adpocalypse, coppa and demonetization waves, its time to look into some crypto alternatives that are outside of google's reach to demonetize or control and ive picked out 4 options that increase your earnings from now on.

  1. Brave Browser / Brave Publisher - https://brave.com/lit466 ,

  2. XRP Tipbot - https://www.xrptipbot.com

  3. Bittube Airtime Extension - https://bittubeapp.com/?ref?2JO8O5IDG

  4. Tipster - https://kintips.page.link/w1Eq

In next/future video i want to feature some Twitter options you can enable to earn extra income via tweets. If you know some of these services in crypto (please let me know in comments, since there is quite many and i want to cover all bases in next video). #XRP #CryptoCurrencies #Crypto

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