Review : Steemit In Nigeria 2018[ Annual Conference ]

11개월 전

Hello dtubers,

Good morning, how are you doing all? Welcome to my vlog for today and I am happy to review this video and to tell you what actually brought about this steemit slogan introduced by the amiable coordinator of the programme @mediahousent. The program was held in Federal capital Territory. Abuja for one week and it was awesome. I will love to review the whole programme soon again but in this video we rounded up the One Annual meeting with attendance @surfyogi many @wafrica curator crew @lordjames @prettyjules15 @destinysaid @ehiboss and so many other great steemians from all over Nigeria.

Guess what? The steem-promo was a loud one because there were crypto talks for several hours and games, suya night wasn't left out. It was held last year November 2018.

The slogan goes thus, Great Nigerian Steemian, the reply was Great! Gbosa! Hundred dollars.

Thanks for reading.

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