Candling Duck Eggs Day 3, T - 25

10개월 전

Its been three days since I put the eggs into the incubator, well four days now but I made the candling video last night. I'm just late writing this post...

Today I'm going to weigh and candle the eggs . I don't need to candle them yet but it's my first ever attempt at incubating eggs so I'm mostly curious to see what they look like.

Candling Duck Eggs Day 3_7159002095243794579.jpg

You can see some obvious differences between the reference egg and the incubated eggs and maybe even the start of a small dark spot on some of them.

Candling Duck Eggs Reference.jpg

As for the expected weight versus measured, it is a bit low so I added a touch of water to the second groove in the lower yellow housing.

Candling Duck Eggs Day 3_1750893214758419419.jpg

This should briefly increase the surface area of water, increasing evaporation which increases the humidity and slows down the water weight loss of the egg.

I'll be back in another three days with a weight update and a candle photo or two but probably not a video.

When the eggs start to hatch I will LIVE Stream it on on our Mean Rooster Farm channel.
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