Failure With Hard Salami

2년 전

They say when you fail at something, its just a way to gain wisdom on the wrong way to do something.
This year's hard salami did not turn out well. The problem was that it failed to cure. This is probably because I failed to add enough nitrite/nitrate.

Next year I may just use the store bought nitrite rather than be faced with inevitably throwing away harvested meat.

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Lately, I have been having few of those days, but now it is finally getting better.

Wow. Something I learned new today about the mold, so thanks for sharing.

Sorry it didn't work out for you, but one day it will and it will be delicious and just perfect, the way you like it.

Yes. You can't give up. You will reach the top level and it will be all worth it @mericanhomestead

Sorry Zac....can't imagine the disappointment after all the time that was put into it as well as having to get rid of meat you were counting on throughout the year.

Maybe next time do two batches, one with the store bought nitrite and of course after more research if you find another natural nitrite use that on the other batch! Then you can do a comparison video!

You said it didn't smell bad so I have to wonder if you can cook it? How would it work as ground beef substitute in spaghetti? Might be able to save something. Good luck in your future adventures.