You Put The Nine In The Coconut

2년 전

Rattle snakes and venomous copperheads are all over the homestead and so we carry snakeshot. They can kill a small child or older adult. So when we see them, we "remove" them. How effective is snakeshot?

Well today we are going to experiment with VEGGIES! What will the effect be on different fruits and vegetables? Let's take a look!

Animals that will kill snakes when they see them:

  1. Chickens (if the snake is small enough)
  2. Donkeys! (they hate snakes and will stomp them to death)
  3. Guinea Hens (they will screech to high heaven and kill the snake)

Snake shot for various calibers can be found at retail outlets such as Bass Pro and Cabelas.

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Sasquatch will kill snakes to.

Hey looks like you got one to upload, although it doesn't do me any good. Dtube never seems to play for you so I appreciate you still putting up videos on youtube.


Yeah no problem. I'm just exploring different options.

I have a few .38 spl. shot cartridges. I know a rockhound who instead bought a cheap double-barrel 12-gauge with as short a barrel as legally possible, and added inserts to fire .410 birdshot shells as his rattlesnake gun.