Sorghum Or Honey For Natural Sugar?

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Both honey and sorghum taste amazing in my opinion and I love both. But there are some big differences to take into consideration if you are looking for a natural way to produce your own sugar.

Besides honey and sorghum, there are many other ways cultures around the world have made their own sugar.
Sugar Beets
Agave Plants
Sugar Cane
Maple Trees
Stevia plants
And others...

With the advent of social media and other forms of communication, it seems that lots of people are delving into beekeeping for producing a natural sweetener. But from my experience, it's best to learn bee keeping from a professional who has been doing it for years. I have seen time and again hives fail that belong to amateurs.

So an easy alternative...SORGHUM!

Enjoy the video!


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We grow cane here in the tropics! I love the idea of sorghum as an alternative for temperate climates - we have been looking into Stevia as well, my brother in-law grew a plot for a university project.

wonder what could be done with MonkFruit


Never heard of it...but I can look

sugar is sugar no matter where you get it from.
All bad...causes type II diabetes.


Actually sugar is not just sugar. There are many kinds of sugar some good for you others not so good. As a matter of research you will find that over eating and processed foods have a greater impact on the the development of type ll diabetes. Refined sugar mostly glucose is what you find in processed foods is not vary good for you.
Honey can and is taken by diabetics as it is a mixture of many kinds of sugars as well as enzymes and other micro nutrients making it a healthy choice for all.

There are caviets here to be reminded. One of course is personal sensitive it. More importantly is the source of the nectars the bees are foraging on. Agra biz has contaminated food sources that intake of chemicals in the honey must be considered in choosing your honey supplies.
Dairy areas are exceptionally bad for bees and quality of the honey they produce.


I count four different sugars plus carbohydrates. All the same as far as the Pancreas is concerned. Too much eventually causes Type II diabetes.

Of course 'big sugar' doesn't like that idea any more than 'big tobacco' like the idea that smoking causes cancer.

Scuse me while I go get a cigar.


Yes they are in honey. But they can taken by diabetes. You will find it is obesity poor diet and refined sugar sugar,mostly sucrose that are linked to the cause of the disease. Not honey. My guess this is because honey is a more complete food. Also most honey eater also tend not to eat refined foods pop etc. Diabetes is the result of poor diet. Which which results damage to the pancreas spacificly the Iles of langrihand. Sugar is a small part of the cause. A major part of the symptoms of the disease.

The reason why honey is recommended to diabetes as an occasional sweetener. Is the majority of the sugars in honey are easy to digest so blood sugar levels come up slowly and taper of slow. Sucrose, in pop candy pastry etc come on fast. And crash quickly. Making the control of blood insulin levels near impossible.

Did smoke a pipe for a time fortunately it made me immediately ill so it was easy to quit. Decades later I still miss the ritual of the pipe. Don't miss the tobacco at all.

Never heard of sorghum sounds live a very versatile plant. One to keep in mind for when I have some land, thanks. 💯🐒