Growing Your Garden With Coffee Grounds - VIDEO

2년 전

If you have any sort of grow bed for veggies, flowers, or landscaping, they will all benefit tremendously by topping with this amazingly nutrient dense substance. And to think, most people just throw these away every day!

So save your coffee grounds. Encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. And then get out there and grow some food this spring!

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What exactly dose the coffee ground provide? Nitrogen?

Hey Zac....I already do compost my grounds, but right now I just throw it in with everything else I am composting. Do you think it is beneficial to separate them so that a larger amount of it gets put on the soil at one time?


Composting them is fine too...but there is nothing wrong with putting them on the soil without composting them.


Ok, that's good! Thanks for the info and advice!

Happy New Year Merican! My Mother likes to use coffee grounds for her plants as well.

Thanks for the info, going to start saving the coffee grounds.
Glad to see you got Dtube working ;)


It took me a bit, but I figured it out.

We read about that and get coffee grounds from our local cafes. It works very well. The worms love it too

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