You Don't Have A White Collar On Your Cover Photo


An experiment, using Scratch Desktop to bring one of my freewrite stories to life. This is a version 1 so maybe I'll look at ways to make them better.

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Thank you so much. I'm releasing another very soon.

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Love the storytelling technique! Really love the ending. :)


Thank you very much. That was my first try. I've made a version 2 with a soundtrack and a better screen fit. I also have another story ready which hopefully will be ready to post on Sunday.

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Interesting!! Now, if you narrate it as well, it would be great for the author reading!!


I'm going for the ambient music for now (I've since added it to the video). I want to make a series of at least 6. I've made another one which will be ready to post on Sunday. Hopefully, if I have a template, they will be quick to make.

Later, I would love someone(s), who is not me, to read one of my stories. I may organise that around the new year.