Deodorant These Days

3년 전

Have you seen deodorant these days?

96 Hours of Power, Odor Protection

Can't see myself ever going more then 24 hours without putting on more deodorant... but I had to put this deodorant to the test. Watch the video and see the results for yourself...

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Youtube Version

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some deodorants smell like hydroperoxide today lol


lol yeah, sure for men motion sense.

'They' poison your body with crap food so 'you' have to smell and use this crap! Back in the day, when I used to care about this issue ( I no longer do) I used to smell like roses (Sattva) from eating live and living vegan food!
And no, I have no problem with Big Teddy Nugent's stance on hunting--kill it yerself! Paleoboys! His shilling for the Randian Police State is rather pathetic though:)


interesting comment.. but I do agree, our trashy foods don't help