Today i'm go to Market Buy Fresh Green Vegetables. ... Vlog10

25일 전

Hello friends,
I Came Back to my video. Today is Friday so today is a holiday. I am going to the Vegetable Market today where greens are available.

On Friday, many raw vegetables, fruits and vegetables are available at very low prices in the vegetable market. So today I am out to market. Today I will buy vegetables.

I went to the rickshaw in the market. And I saw a lot of fruit vegetables in the market. In the market, eggplant, papaya, potato, tomato, onion, garlic, etc. are available at very low prices.

I've been in the market for 1 week. And again a week later go to market.

Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoying the video.

See you again in a New video.
Thanks for being with me.
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