The career switch and it's tide.

4개월 전

I have some bitterness in my heart, mainly to the guardian of "A HUNDRED WAYS TO DIE" list. We entitled her the mandate to make the lists after she studied us, more so to amend it accordingly as time goes by. To date, she has not dared to include career switch, furthermore it's supposed to be point number one.

It's a stage you comes into terms that indeed you made a mistake in choosing your current path, am saddened. Things have fallen apart to levels it seems impossible fro me to collect up.

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Interesting perspective.

However many have survived, even sutiations that are already on the list. As humans, we can overcome a lot if we don't give up. Give yourself time. Stay strong 💪

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You came on the right time, thanks for the kind words. I'll keep pushing on.