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Clean is a condition of the environment that is free of unwanted matter. Cleaning is the process used to achieve the clean condition. Best viewed as a fundamental environmental management process, cleaning is a systematic, science-based process that puts unwanted matter in its proper place or where it does not cause harm or adverse effects. Understanding the importance and effectiveness of cleaning allows us to fully appreciate its usefulness and the contributions it makes to the quality of life.Man cannot live and survive amidst waste. A clean environment that includes clean air, water, land and energy, is essential for human existence, conducting business and creating wealth. These components must be sustained through conservation and proper management. Additionally, by-products of human activity should be separated from man at the sanitary level the cleaning process provides.From the start of civilization, man has been the only species that cleans its environment, albeit for the sake of survival. Other animal life “foul the nest,” move out and allow the cycles of nature to produce the waste. As long as man has lived in human settlements, he has been forced to keep his environment in order or clean.As a result of biological necessity, humans manage their lives by managing their environment. The basic objective of the human built environment is to define a living space to defend man from his surroundings. In settlements, natural elements, such as rain, snow and dirt, remain outside at a distance. Other living creatureparticularly humans and animals are kept at bay.Once human settlements emerged, environmental management systems became necessary for separating inhabitants from their own waste products. Man no longer could strike his tent and move on. Wastes grew and needed to be placed out of the way. Well-designed wells and garbage pits were found at the archeological sites of isolated dwellings and villages. Ancient settlements that survived and evolved into modern built environments sustained life because of the evolving process of environmental management, the center of which is the sanitation revolution and cleaning.Usually, the cause of adverse environmental effects can be explained or managed. We have better direct control and influence over environments that are closest to us, such as the built environment in which we live and work. These environments can be managed and kept orderly and functional primarily through cleaning.

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