Cleanplanet 18 April 2019

8개월 전

Hello Friends
Good Morning
Hope all are well and enjoying your time in dtube.

Hey guy's,hope you're well.Today's very nice day.we all wants a happy life. We wants our next generation lives a happier,familiar and friendly life but this time around us very must trast.this trasts are very harmful for our daily life. See,our whole world's once time a beautiful world but now we cut the trees,hills and waste sea.These are balance our environment politely. We cut afforestation,then we build big big buildings,mill,these're pollution our environment. It's need for human's life but we forget it's too much.where we are cast these trash,it's not a good work. We need these trash together in one place and burnt it.But it's also bad for the environment.we can make a beautiful world by use this trasts again in good business.

Thank you

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Hello ! AIR DROP is coming tomorrow ...
Go on steem-engine... log you... and have a look at your CLEAN TOKEN...
Happy to inform you