TUTORIAL | Original Sketch in tribute to Venezuela by @naideth


Greetings dear friends art lover!!

It has been a very complicated week for me but I have finally managed to finish the video, almost a full week I take the editing, I was very close to giving up since the Premiere program that I used for editing made many mistakes during the process, but I managed to finish it.

The sketch that I present below is a tribute to my country Venezuela, motivated by the sadness of seeing my two brothers emigrate from my country, a few days later my friend whom I want as a sister left the country in search of a better quality of life, as is the case with thousands of Venezuelans who feel the need to leave their families to fight for their dreams.

Venezuela is going through crucial moments and a lot of attention, I love my country and it hurts what is happening to me, that is why despite the immense sadness that I feel today this totally original sketch is born, and in tribute to our beautiful country that I am sure that he will soon be free from so much evil.

Symbols in the Sketch

I wanted the main element to be the National Bird of Venezuela, better known as Turpial, it is a small bird with black and yellow feathers.

On one side is the Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, an imposing natural monument.

I could not miss the Beautiful Orchid, it is the typical flower of my country, there are many species and colors, it is a very elegant and sophisticated flower.

Many will wonder what the stars mean, because these stars are those that are in our flag, 7 stars as originally had them.

I am very happy to show you the whole process of creating this significant sketch, thank you very much to all for the support I hope you like:

This video is also available on YouTube

copyright @naideth - all rights reserved

Thank you very much for watching my video, and for all the support

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Hello @naideth I am very happy to see the process of this drawing, I also love that it is a beautiful tribute to our country, I perfectly understood the elements that you put in the sketch. It is very elegant I liked it a lot.


I am very happy that you like my drawing, it is a great comment to start with this new challenge, it means a lot to me, a big hug @anablogs

Hola Nay me alegro que no te hayas detenido, eres muy talentosa, no tienes permitido parar, me encanta este boceto y me gusta que hayas añadido información adicinal sobre lo que te inspiro para hacer tan hermoso boceto, amo mi pais y espero que todo mejore con el favor de Dios. Excelente trabajo


Muchas gracias @johanmartinez aprecio mucho tu comentario, claro que no me detendré, dibujar es algo que amo, gracias gracias por tu amable comentario, y claro que mejorará un gran abrazo para ti..!!

Excellent video friend, you should continue doing them, I really liked the music.

Seeing the whole process was very rewarding, you say it was complicated but it was worth all the effort I liked a lot.


Making videos is very complicated, especially the editing, but of course they will continue to see more of my work through videos, a big hug @anadelivery.. !!

Coye que gran dibujo @naideth Lo que cuentas es una triste realidad, pero se que este mal no durará mucho. Ademas me alegra que pese a esta situación hayas utilizado ese sentimiento como motivacion para crear este hermoso boceto de tatuaje, ultimamente muchos venezolanos buscan tatuarse los simbolos patrios del pais y esta es una gran opcion


Muchas gracias @kevintravel, y comentarios como este me motivan a mi a seguir dibujando, muchas gracias por tu amabilidad, un gran abrazo..!!

Very cool .... I hope you try make more this videos also :)


Thank youuuu @foxkoit..!!
If I try but I hope it is not as complicated as this xD thanks for always being there ;)


You are welcome :)

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