TrashDo Number (#17+#18+#19) Why are you waiting for ? Start your contribution to Mother Nature with @cleanplanet today

4년 전

#TrashDo #1 with Dtube and @cleanplanet
#TrashDo #2 with Twitter liveStreaming with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #3 with Twitter liveStreaming with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #4 with Twitter liveStreaming with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #5 with Twitter liveStreaming with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #6 with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #7 with @garyvee's TrashTalk
#TrashDo #8
#TrashDo #9
#TrashDo #10
#TrashDo #10
#TrashDo #11
#TrashDo #12
#TrashDo #13
#TrashDo #14
#TrashDo #15
#TrashDo #16
#TrashDo #17
#TrashDo #18
#TrashDo #19

  • Except **LinkSeven77 updates and important STEEM Blockchain updates **, All the other content Resteems with @nathanmars steemit account is now replaced with Retweets with my Twitter account

  • I would greatly appreciate your encouraging feedbacks in the comments section of my daily #TrashDo episodes here on Dtube with @cleanplanet. However please do not expect a response to your comments and I do read every single comments myself and truly appreciate any meaningful comments

  • This is my contribution to your planet Earth will continued every single day until I go back to my planet Mars and Also I go LIVE on Twitter to few times a day and do my #TrashDo to spread the message outside our Blockchain. You can do the same or encourage people who actually do it

Thank you !
NathanMars (77.7% Gary Vee 7.7% Naval Ravikant 7.7% Chamath Palihapitiya)

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Maintaining relations is really easy when you have a genuine connections with them. I probably havent spoken to my genuine friends who are far away, for more than 5 minutes on any given day. But knowing the genuine connection we have, even a 1 minute talk after 7 days of silence would be enough. Maintaining relations is completely based on genuine connection, and I am proud to have made those. I am sure you have made, too.

I have to agree with you NathanMars. There are only 2 things in the world that do not lie, Shakira's hips and Numbers.
All jokes apart, thank you for this lovely message and wishing you more power and happiness!
Really appreciate all you are doing for the people and the planet, too!
Keep it up, you have become a leader...not a boss.! Congratulations!
not many can do that

Great @nathanmars !
Thanks to support @cleanplanet movement and #cleanplanet with your #trashdo (that poeple can add) if they want to !
You can see now our web site and each person all around the world who want to clean our Planet can suscribe ! ... and be rewarded.
Thanks again to motiv poeple to CLEAN PLANET

Thank you for always including your ZNAP 7 someone actually asked me how a Znap 7 looks like and actually I directed them to your #trashdo posts to see your Znap 7.
I've not been participating because of the weather, but as soon as the imminent rain stops I'll do cleanplanet as well. Well-done

I want our earth clean... many pollution here.


Please do you also start cleaningplanet work. It is our moral duty to keep our motherland clean.

Been giving all possible excuses why am not yet into #cleanplanet, sad that Mars sent it's best to clean her relative earth. Happy in no time I'll join in the move.

Keep doing it.

Welldone bro,
Super excited to do myself.
Will be doing daily in few days.
I love my planet and i have to clean it as you are doing.
We can save our planet by doing some care. We need to reduce the use of plastic made things. I hate plastic as well as those who dont throw wastage in the right place.
Thank you for the motivation.

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Great spot, keep em coming man

@nathanmars, Your daily trashdo activities improve everyone. I really believe Japan will be clean with your top classy work. I believe other Japanese peoples join with @cleanplanet and do something to clean our earth.If someone do something to our mother nature surely result will get soon. If we love to her, give best return back result to us from her. So your clean planet process absolutely great example. Thanks for everything make me big passion.

Dear nathanmars!!
Appreciating for your contribution in Dtube and Steemit platfrom, not only that for our planet also, day by day you going to be reward as great human in planet for your positive thinking, your cleanplanet project is really great work for our planet, you and your team is marching not for vote and earn money, they are doing a great job for our planet, i just waiting for have a another good idea from you.

I see you are continuously giving your efforts for the cleaning purpose. I love this kind of action who are trying to make our planet for beautiful. Thank you so much for this great action.

Let us all keep our universe clean and

Great iniciative👏

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Saya menyukai ini,saya akan segera melakukan kontribusi ke mother nature,saya kira ini menarik juga

I have already started campaign making clean planet but due to heavy rain and hailstones since Sunday,I couldn't contribute.Now I am ready for yesterday.feeling glad including in this great cleanplanet twitter livestreaming by Nathan sir under the inspiring word #trashdo
Definitely earth provides so many resources for us but we hesitate to do little for cleaning trashes and avoid plastic material we can contribute in making cleanplanet.
This campaign will strengthen when we contribute in unity, because it is fundamental necessary for human being.
Thank you @nathanmars sir for your continuous effort.