Walking with the Markets

2개월 전

Got outside for the first time in a couple days.

A walk and a few thoughts about the shift we are seeing in the markets.

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I’m worried this is just precursor to 1. more rate down bullishness and 2. more impetus for resolving the trade dispute with China.

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Mannn .... after all this bear market .... another one. Like to see some green charts already.


Here's some green in our perfectly normal, functioning markets:

Just ignore that giant dip in the middle

Gold and Silver up, Oil down, Bonds up, IPO bubble, US Dollar up, Consumer spending peaked, global PMI down, US-China Trade War going nowhere, central banks around the world cutting rates...spells EQUITIES DOWN longer term.


But I heard on CNBC that everything will be fine!

That reminds me I need to stock up on some cash.


LOL...circus NBC.