Make COOL TIE DYE style t shirts with household BLEACH - EASY step by step DIY @nicolcron

10개월 전

I love making something old into something new, tie bleaching is one of the cheapest, quickest and easiest way to jazz up an old or ruined t shirt into something new.

So here is a funny How To where you can learn how to get your tie dye on and tie dye with bleach.

P.S. Taken from my youtube channel, this video is currently at 22k views!!

Thanks for watching!!
LOVE is all

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Broo amazing job, really cool, much style, cheers and much love brooo!


I had so much fun doing this, it is so easy to do!
Thanks so much bro!! =)

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Yeah man!! Thank you! It’s so easy to do and I love how different coloured shirts produce different ‘burns’!

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