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This video is a product of a conversation i had recently. I think for most stakeholders the primary aim is to increase the value of the steem coin. Unfortunately little emphasis is placed on 'content value'. The way the blockchain is structure contents can be good, not great because of its lifespan. Most contents here are made with the mindset that they are only valid or valued for a seven day period. What if this changes and creatives can still earn 5years after they create something, would this have a positive effect on the product/content quality. This is a subjective matter, notwithstanding i believe a lot can be better if we find a way around the 7 days validity of a post/content.

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You are right. I really feel you. People are not all the same ! We don't have to be investors if we don't like to do so. We are content creators and we need to see return from our hard work. Now as content creators are even earning less, but we still creating and they should respect us. Content creators matters a lot. Without content creators there is no content to upvote !

For sure they should be more friendly to content creators, but not push them to be active in the community. If we create content, we need time to focus in it. We can't be content creators and consumers at the same time. Or more as content creators, or more as consumers of content. When you choose to be more as content creator, of course you care about the return from your hard work. Thanks a lot for the inspiration and for sharing your honest opinion. Keep creating !

This is exactly what I was thinking thinking about today. Content creators need to make content that people would want to watch outside of steem and in the long term. Build something for all platforms that will last. Talking about the latest hardfork won’t get any views a month from now and it can’t even be cross posted to make sense on other platforms.

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