A Fun Look at Portions - A Skit

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Hey Dtube fam, you know what? Dieting is hard! Really, really hard for a food lover like me! I mean I can eat because I am happy, sad, mad, bored, worries etc, etc!!!

This is some classic Old Guy. I was even baby faced LOL!!!

One of the things that they always say when dieting is to not starve yourself. Now I do understand hwy but I laugh because honestly it seems the only way to make any progress is to starve yourself LOL!!! All of the correct portion given on containers look to me like in the video, just slightly less exaggerated lol.

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In this video, I poke fun at the idea of small portions from the perspective of me - a fat guy trying to lose weight.

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@tipu curate


Thank you so much. Upped :)


You're welcome, buddy! ;-)

Look at that babyface!:)

You are looking at it all wrong, I think. Of course, that is only my opinion. Dieting is hard!!! But, that is because you are changing until you achieve your goal or until you lose enough to make you happy.

That is why you need to change the way you eat as a lifestyle change, something you can live with for the rest of your life. It may be slower, but, less of a chance of backsliding!

Oh, I know you can do it!! :)

Much luck on your journey!


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HAHAHAHAHA! So freaking funny! Love the outtakes.

Hello handsome boy
Don't worry about the weight haha
Just eat your mouth haha (just kidding)
The video I do not understand, but I know that it is very difficult to lose weight if you like food, here we only think about eating hehe
Where is the beard? Have you eaten it?
Happy Friday


You're very funny! @txatxy😂🤣🤣


Hello beautiful, I had to translate everything again hehe
I like reime and it is good for health.
and the handsome boy deserves a smile
Happy Friday 🤗🍮


Happy Friday to you as well, Txatxy!💕