Top 3 knockouts by M.S Dhoni

8개월 전

This video of MS Dhoni is very interesting in which five matches in which victory was impossible but also made it impossible, MS Dhoni, the first match you are watching was in front of Australia, MS Dhoni batted so well in the last over. Due to which the match lost was also converted into a win, you will see the second match in which it is a match of IPL, inside which MS Dhoni in front of Kings XI Punjab Won a great win in the re over and played such a strong innings, due to which once again he is playing the role of match finisher again, inside the third match, you will see MS Dhoni, commanding the Chennai Super Kings, in the last over. Royal Challengers Bangalore score such a hearty batting which was impossible in a way, it is the specialty of MS Dhoni and he is said to be the game finisher that's why he lost A match can turn to win

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