After 5 months in Ubud/Indonesia. The good, the bad and the crazy!


Ubud in Indonesia is a very special place. Unfortunately it is not peaceful and quiet as most people think.

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Thank you very much for impressions. I planned to go to Bali in the future and live there for a while. I have seen a lot of videos about Bali, especially Ubud, which seems to be a nice place. But there are some things which make me thoughtful, like the traffic and the touristic. I want to go there for spiritual healing, but I ask myself if it is possible at all (because of the noises)? I think Bali is become too much touristic and no place for a cheap living.


Ya I wished I would have found an accurate Video about Ubud. Most people go there for a week or so and then laugh about the crazy things there. Being there for months is a different story. I still would recommend to go, but just be aware you will need to search and pay for the quiet and peaceful moments there :-)

I love Ubud I have been there a few times, its my favorite place in Bali.


Ya I love it too. Ya in my opinion it's also the best place to stay in Bali. Other parts worth a visit as well, especially the waterfalls.

Thanks for your video! I'd love to go to Bali soon! it is one of my next destination for a Sacred Feminity Training!