Bitcoin Whale Moves $230 Million For 57 Cents

3년 전

  • Bitcoin Whale Moves $230 Million For 57 Cents /
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  • Crypto Market Jumps $15 Billion /
  • Market!

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Can't wait to see where we are 2 years from now this rate... 1 year from now ...with the May 2020 halving especially

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After we get the LTC and BTC halving done, things should be more interesting than ever - I'm excited also bro.

It is a proof that the fees is pretty cheap to transfer bitcoin.

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Yes sir, fees will decrease and network speed will increase, the future of freedom is bright.


Extremely bright and history is almost made for Bitcoin.

It looks like there's a stack of vinyl on the shelf next to you. What record is on top?


That is correct, I've like 400-500 albums - that's BJ Thomas Greatest Hits Vol 2. hahaha