DTube - Fighting "Fake News" Is Code For Enacting Censorship! What You Need To Know!


The war on fake news has been kicked into overdrive and the powers that ought not to be are now coming directly for those of us in the field of alternative independent media.

As France and Brazil announce plans to crack down on so called "fake news" Facebook has also joined in on the action and recently announced that they will be focusing more on promoting "friends and family" as opposed to "businesses and news".

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the war on fake news for what it really is while also providing the best possible solution for social media users moving forward.

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Care must be taken to raise awareness about verification
Thanks for sharing

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I think that a better way to combat viral Fake News is to provide additional information in real-time to users so they have the full story, rather than biased and/or inaccurate (contradicted by additional facts). Boolean by GainingSteem.Com is doing just that. No censorship EVER, but instead, additional information so people have all relevant facts when consuming news.


media is the biggest superpower today

Dtube here is all procedure is separate, don't be focus they fake, if occur that be illegal for further

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I always feel odd seeing ETH used as a currency... it is much better as a platfrom. We have plenty of currencies (DOGE anyone) to use for tips!


there are lot of fake news for south kore ban for the big whale earn from small traders loses

I like steemit so far, and yes there is a war waged on the dissemination of certain ideas on other platforms, but the fact that money itself can essentially buy limited slots on the trending and hot columns of steemit means that whichever poster has the most voting power via their stack gets the views. This is a centralization of what information is displayed for the longest amount of time on a platform that was supposedly about decentralization, and because of the deflationary nature of the coin and the fact that self-voting, circular voting, and vote buying are not prevented or punished I don't see how it will change for now.

As the platform matures and the audience grows it's probable that we will indeed see a rise in viewership and use by those who finally get sick of the blatant status quo leaning corporations who operate the other social media sites, but it's not outside the realm of imagination to guess that if we become a serious problem they will start throwing money and technology to sway opinions here yet again.

And the risk always remains that those who are vocal about their opinions and are seen as a threat to the system have willingly given up their anonymity by using the faucet for a free account when using a phone number, and even if they didn't it will still be rather trivial for AI to figure out the flow of money required to buy some starter steemit, as it's already done for people who have tried to obfuscate purchases with Bitcoin.

In fact a public blockchain is probably a state's wet dream when it comes to knowing exactly what everyone's opinions are, as an immutable ledger of who dislikes what and why is what they were developing privately anyway. Blog safely out there, rainy roads are no joke.


i like your viewpoint and your writing style @charitybot. As a rank newbie here I see your take and you are right, there's always the thought that we are creating a nice little wrapped up pkg for any who may want to use that for evil. And,as we see time and time again, once big money comes in, and I mean BIG money, they figure out the loopholes and maybe they sponsor their own "influencer" with the latest greatest cryptocurrency


Sadly your upvote was wasted on me, I encourage you to read up on how new users' limited votes are most profitably spent on curating hot or trending posts that already have the largest rewards accumulated. Redeem rewards you earn as you get them, as the weight of your vote is calculated by current steam power. We're new but this site is also relatively new, and I hope the combined contributions of everyone who doesn't have a fat account can still help make it a worthwhile place to be.


You're a real person and not a bot?


He needs to get on steemit lol

I noticed how Steemit flooded with russian anti-ukrainian propaganda. Whenever you see "rebel" or "DPR" - all of this fake news (russian propaganda) and it all prospering on this platform. Can we stop it somehow?


Probably not. At least the Russians aren't using bots to trend that stuff at least not that I have seen anyways.


Imagine how Rusians or any other ISIS can dominate us if we not fix it. We doomed.


Are the Russians worse than the Jews?

Media has contributed in spreading malicious lies. Dtube is not a copyright it stands on its own. Thanks for sharing this video it is very informative.

Upvoted! - Agreed even in Australia the Malicious Attacks on Trump cant all be correct, unfounded to a large degree as an example..

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I guess this is the drawback.

This is why I can't wait for appix to come out!

In America with the internet I am not to worried about it, I worry more about the people who buy into fake news and let that shit make them crazy.

I think, it is really a great idea, the issue of fake news has caused alot of terrible events in my country nigeria, when a misinformation leads you to make a judgement you cannot take back
You find out that chaos and anarchy will be the order of the day
I really pray and wish facebook and other social medias take this serious
Thanks for sharing,

  ·  작년

Informative post. Thanks for sharing ;)

Nothing wrong with private organizations or governments cracking down on fake news - and yes, there are still objective truths and standards for journalistic integrity. If citizens generally wish their governments to enact restrictions on such content (I'm not saying they do - haven't investigated it yet), and doing so would be a net benefit for the country, who are you to cry foul?

There is much fake news surrounding all nations but the truth is
people just believe what they wanna to believe. Recently it's really easy way to publish fake news on facebook. There are 55% fake news are publishing on facebook. We need to war. They did mislead man.
Thanks for this good post. upvoted @pressfortruth

No-one should take down ''Fake News'', because some of them are in truth trustworthy.
Everyone should be able to decide for themselves, which Informations they want to trust!

I think its Very important that developers work on that!

great post thank to share with us this news

There is much fake news encompassing all countries yet truly

individuals simply accept what they wanna to accept

  ·  작년

Sometimes as incoherent as Trump!

I support human discernment, and it's our responsibility as a culture to decide what's fake news, not the ruling class, lol. I love the videos you do and always going to swing by and give a watch, and throw two cents in here or there :) You are doing a great job here.

We can't rely on media anymore for the truth. You have to make your own research now cause most media channels are political and bisase. The media need to stop intentionally victimising who they don't support and also stop covering up for people they support and present the truth to the public. It all seems immature now.

Media is greatest power

"Fake news" aren't the danger - the danger is politicians which want to control all our life!

Trump can crack down on "fake news" any time he likes IMHO.

very informative video .I really pray that all social medias take this serious. keep sharing great stuff :)

Let the block chain reign. This site is literally one of the solutions, the best option thus far, for this issue. Not censorable & crypto! $teem on baby!

You nailed it!

thats amazing

You are very right, the whole "fake news" thing are the way that conservatives in the U.S. is censoring journalists.

I got ran off the road by a guy too busy to concentrate on his driving.
Understandably I can not stand it when people are so important that they need to record themselves while driving.
I hope you do not kill or maim anyone.

I think Trump would say, Fake News


lol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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fight the fake news?I always feel odd seeing ETH used as a currency... it is much better as a platform. We have plenty of currencies (DOGE anyone) to use for tips!

The censorhip online is crazy these days. So sad, there's so much positive change happening all over the world but it gets hidden with algorithms if it even is reported on... Be afraid, be very afraid. The main reason I came to Steemit is no one was seeing my art on facebook anymore, I've clearly been shadow banned, my posts in groups that used to get thousands of likes get 0 now... I was even blocked from posting in my own group for weeks at a time! So glad to hear people talking about it,because my friends and family think I'm crazy when I talk about it...

Good reporting and journalism will always follow through. It's such a pity that the word 'fake news' was invented. It shows how much the world has changed. Good editing and investigative journalism had managed so far to move the world in new ways. 'Fake news' has highlighted the need for this to return. Whether mainstream or alternative! Thanks for the post.

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great information

If you want to see the power of the media in the states, take a look at Gary Johnson, a third party candidate in the last presidential election.
Every interview he went to was off the cuff, where as the other candidates for major parties only go to ones where they have approved questions. He was answering candidly and they used all the footage the could to make that seem like he was very poorly spoken because he is known to endorse marijuana.

The media is so powerful.

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This is why I love this platform and I will do what I can to make it grow because this is the future in my eyes:
censorship or decentralization and I will keep "recruiting" those who are against censorship.
(for example I lost 110k subs on YouT... SafeSpaceTube because I was reading FBI public crime rate statistics and according to SST it's "hate speech")

Well tackling fake news will be a Herculean task.

I however key into it, awesome here

Hands down great information but I knew this since my tor browser days or years ago but I do agree Steemit is a game changer 100%

I think your Post is for a big group of people very helpful!
Thx for making this Website for us!
Upvote when your in my opinion @alokkamboj

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The truth is that a lot of fake news are out there in many social media platform. Thanks for sharing/


Thats why i hate fake news, because sometimes people judged even he doesnt know the story.

I bliv we cant ever have faje news i steemit , because steemit is filled with smart people anyone who come herr to blog fake news just because of a upvote is doing nothing but harm to him or her self


I'm not exactly sure, if SteemIt is immune to so-called ''Fake News'', but i hope, there won't be too many ''Fake News'', or in best Case, No ''Fake News'' at all!

Yes, the truth needs to be set free! Freedom, weed and life <3

  ·  작년

Today, the international mainstream media should now be known as 'weapons of mass deception'. A lot of criminal stuff perpetrated all over the world by the powers that be, and the media is complicit.


You mean the so-callled ''Fake News'', right?


Sure I do

History is exactly that.
Few who said "we have the divine right to govern you!" Who were educated while the rest could barely even read.

History was only kept by those able to keep it, and so they would destroy anything that opposed their supreme goal in their game of risk. @wwf has been discussing the written power of man made law and our consent to be governed since appearing in Ben Stuarts film Ungrip.

I highly recommend to any seeking a way peacefully oppose this control to check out his work.


Here the internet, and an age of education has gifted us all the opportunity to be equal and free of this anchient system of power and control.
No wonder they would try so hard to do the same to it as they have done to so many things like radio and television.
Revoking NetNeutrality is all part of that plan, and while many celebrate Trump for being the "real" man he is, he is in love with the ancient Roman way of life.

Gold eagles and all.

To the rich, the normal folk are the swamp.
We take up resources and cause them frustration running their companies.

But... what if... being a poor person became the equivalent of respect to those who play games on hard mode?

We have to cook for ourselves, clean everything, go to work pay the bills. Glorify the actual hard workers who make anything in this world run and esspecially our ancestors.

We are grateful for your vids.
(Minus the miss Stewy one)

Who cares, don't use fakebook. The sheep use Facebook, the sheep are asleep and will probably wont be woken from their slumber regardless.


very useful information....
Regards @pressfortruth

we should first verify the source of news before believing it. Thanks for sharing this

The media controls everything by obscurity. There enough people that won’t challenge them- so those who do are obsolete.

There is much fake news surrounding all nations but the truth is
people just believe what they wanna to believe

A shame of them for spreading fake news. What really they get from fake news just shame. Also resteemed.

I think the issue of fake news will never come to steemit as we have the community corrections all the time. News that is fake will never be entertained so it doesn't affect the way other social media did.


Rich steemians can upvote fake news. What if rich terrorists starts upvoting?

  ·  작년

my past join steemit...plezzzz ..help.

thank you for the post

  ·  작년

Its great that this war is on, because there was a time i didnt know what to believe anymore. Everybody just had something to say.

  ·  작년

Media is the biggest liar of all time! They are brainwashing people by shoving fake news in our ass. BUt people nowadays are smarter than before!

  ·  작년

what's all that steam coming from throughout the video

  ·  작년

This is great news. That means YouTube is loosing or will be loosing its power. Now with the rise of bitchute and dtube we are getting closing to freedom from those social media. It is not bad at all. I see that as something positive. :)

what people call fake news a lot is real look deeper than look deeper. I study history and a lot of fake news is facts.. If you know how to bend mental with paper you would do it. Law is bendable like metal if you know how to sue it yes people in power miss use it but we all learn together. Drive deep my friends.

Media is dependent of fake news and lies. They want to trending the news that the reason they make fake news to promote their channel.

blind peoples get earlier as listen any big news

The fakestream/mainstream media are fake news! :D

  ·  작년

don´t youse your phone while driving

Really the best thing to do is just leave Facebook!

great info, I'm resteming it

  ·  작년

Reporting facts is very time consuming and that is why it is not done today in a profit driven news system. In addition to the overwhelming propaganda presented as news, the presenters of news lack the education and backbone to resist presenting fake news. Of course they will lose their jobs, but from someone that lost two careers for holding up the truth, I can attest that it is survivable.

thank you for sharing , interesting 💗💗 Paix et amour, ☮ ✌ / 💗💗 Peace and love, ☮ ✌✨
🎁 CORDE-ialement, 🎀 ROPE-ly, 🎎 L&V 💑
#Lacher-Prise #LacherPrise 💐

Nice! Please keep up the good work.

I just commented on this post and perhaps you're just the person to see what happens on Steemit. Yesterday I put up a quote, my own, and the response I received was irrelevant and I thought rude, no discourse, no debate, just a sentence. I flagged it. I rarely flag anything. I wasn't upset about it, it was ignorant. However out of cusiosity I seareched for the perpetrator (called stopyoutube) and it doesn't exist. How then am I to believe in the safety of Steemit when messages are put up without them having an account? Is this 'fake news?' I would appreciate your thoughts.