DTube - Doug Ford To Open The Cannabis Market Cut The Carbon Tax And Repeal Sex Ed

2년 전

Doug Ford, brother of the late Rob Ford has said he wants to open the cannabis market up to be free and fair, he wants to cut the carbon tax and he wants to repeal Ontario's Sex Ed program!

This signals a step in the right direction on all three fronts if in fact he keeps his promise however he is a politician so we'll see how that goes!

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Chad Jackett of Liberty Farms about the latest news surrounding Doug Fords campaign trail.

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i’ll take a crack addicts bro over a rug munching liberal


is there a way to tweet this video to Doug Ford? Maybe you should invite Him to visit your farm.

Let's see what will happen next with this cannabis market :)

I hope the government doesn't monopolize cannabis or create Monsanto weed!


are you going to give them your seeds or buy Monsanto weed?

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That's an amazing video thank you for sharing.
I will restem

The people want the government out of their business...lol. Weed is a plant that has never hurt anyone in the history of the world. I mean come on, we shouldn't even have to have this conversation. Even a tiny bit of common sense tells you that there should be NO laws against this plant.

I miss Rob Ford. Followed.

Hilarious video

It is really a nice post but Can Doug Ford be able to achieve that as he wanted

This is a good initiative. Tnx for this information. We shall all be an expectant of this great news.
Happy steeming!

let's together we support the legality of marijuana.


Thanks @breuhh. I'm with you on that. Never tried it, thoughI want to with no fear of retribution, so to speak, from employers or anyone else!

Give him a chance, his brother was pretty awesome. You have a carbon tax in Canada?canada-justin-trudeau-weepyphotochallenge.jpg

The msm hates him already :D. My Man !!!

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Very good ... I hope all market go free .

Great video Dan . I'm of the opinion that they are on the same team . It's the liberals and the conservatives . Brothers in arms . Milking Canada dry . I agree Kathleen Wynne can keep her perverted ways out of our children's minds. Our government is compiled of thieves and nutters. We need to tare it down and start again . That our descendants might have a chance at life let-alone freedom . Best wishes brother And keep up the good fight.

Make Canada sane again!

let the free market decide!