Yellow Vest BANK RUN Protest - They’re Going For The ROTHSCHILD'S, This Could Be HUGE!!!

7개월 전

The one thing the government and banksters fear the most is an informed population who understand economics and who see through their system of fractional reserve lending.

The yellow vest protest in France has been taking their cause to the streets for weeks now with no real results, so now they’re switching up their strategy in an effort to hack at the root of the problem…the banks.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why this new tactic to create a run on the banks has great potential to put the government in it’s place and to create a ripple effect that may soon be felt and mimicked all over the world.

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Time for the centralized system in France to collapse!

Hey Dan, would you be open to doing an interview with me on my new channel. It is a YT channel, because that is where I am setup to stream right now. I literally found Dtube tonight, and will be putting my content up on here also. But i am subscribed to you on YT and would love a chance to speak with you. I'm a fan of your stuff. Let me know, and feel free to message me on YT also. SJG Perspective. Thanks, and keep pushing, your voice is important. Steven

We see if this come ... but I not want think something bad happen... but it can be very good in long run to make this Bank run. And all this is so publicly visible that these banks do not really feel a sense of danger and they use our funds to create new values just for themselves only, and when they not get what they want ...they just go and print even more money, just for themselves only. And after All that, they start say that inflation is very high and we now have to raise taxes on the citizens... so they can hold the system up. After all this which raises the question again, " where the printed money went?", but you can't ask for it, because it is forbidden and if you ask too much then it is also punishable.

I hope the demands and the rejection of the current political and economic system by the "yellow vests" will slosh to germany and the rest of europe.

I hope the demands and the rejection of the current political and economic system by the "yellow vests" will slosh to germany and the rest of europe.

sorry put it in twice...that's what she said! :)

I have to share this, the world is in monetary turmoil.
Change is among us, prepare. Now is finally time for the people to take back their birthright.
Thank You, God

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Yes Yes yes, this sounds so good. Protest have run their cause we need to up the game. A run will truly send a message right to the heart. I really hope this is the start of something and spreads 💯🐒

RIP Globalist fucktards

I hope the demands and the rejection of the current political and economic system by the "yellow vests" will slosh to germany and the rest of europe.