DTube - The YouTube Ρurge Is In Full Swing: Ρress For Τruth's Dan Dicks Receives Strike And Is Censored

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Then they came for the journalists and there was no one left to report on anything...

The great YouTube purge of 2018 is in full effect as the Press For Truth YouTube channel just received it's first community guidelines strike for a video that was posted over 5 years ago. This is rampant censorship on steroids and therefore we need to promote Steemit and DTube now more than ever!

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the recent strike on the PFT channel, what it means for PFT and more importantly what you can do about it!

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I wish I could use DTube, I really do. I signed up as I saw so many doing and raving about. I was under the impression that signing up for steemit was a requirement to sign up for DTube. I also thought that 1 sign in for the both was steem policy. I can't sign in to DTube. Am super bummed.


Hey Onceuponafarms :) I had the same issue, then found the solution here: https://about.d.tube/#faq1

Just click on your wallet in your steem account, and from there, go to "permissions", "show private key", and then copy and paste that key (which is your "posting key"). The username is your normal steemit username :)


You are most awesome! Thanks!!!


I really want to get more of my videos on Dtube but I get a number of blockchain errors when trying to upload the videos. I'm going to keep at it because I really love Steemit.


The alternative to the alternative media is the way forward.


It's troublesome that utube is banned......

Join the club. Happened to me for a Bitcoin video of all things! Appeal did nothing. That was 3 months ago. Strike is now gone thankfully.

YouTube is really not a platform for controversial topics anymore. Steemit is the way to go for that, no doubt.


They're shooting themselves in the foot


I don't think that's were they are shooting, but I agree with your general idea!

Wow! So happy you have a presence on Dtube. The way YouTube has been going after free speech makes you wonder if their new goon-squad wears YouTube button armbands. They can goose step themselves right the fuck off.


Wouldn't surprise me!

Dan, you're part of the really cool club, now! Once you're censored by Gooog, people can be assured you're definitely not owned by the elites. (Not that I had a doubt on that, but you know..)
I'm so glad we've got DTube and Steemit! May they continue to grow and stabilize!
FUCK Censorship! FUCK ThemTube!


Hey I've just started off and I'm just getting the hang of this never mind DTube , a lot of people are talking about DTube , not sure how to use it , you should not get censored but if you post things that are not mainstream media and the elite don't like it no wonder people are starting to switch , hopefully you can advise me on how to use DTube , cheers and great point of view. Fuck censorship

@dtube is the future and people will jump in mass.

I'm new to Steemit, thanks for the heads up Dan!


Ok, finally worked. Fuck Them-Tube. I deleted my Google account completely - screw them!


How far have you de-googlefied yourself? :)


I never used many of Google's services. I always used a private paid for email account and never used gmail or calendar. So it was fairly easy. I deleted my whole Google account and moved to Windows phone. I am now out of the Google eco system!


I get my account banned in youtube for putting some testing videos where i draw Japanese cartoon girl. She was naked and i get flag. I write letter to youtube they can check out all this twerking videos or musical videos with half naked girls around. They are real, but i make just drawing. Im happy to find d.tube

We've been in the earlier victims list because simply they didn't like our contents:


So glad to see you here Sir! I am a fellow Canadian!! You provide informative content that matters!!

Youtube's attempt to censor free speech has back fired big time! Rather than shutting down free speech their move will result in the creation of more independent media outlets.

YouTube's days aren't "over". It'll thrive as a platform for mainstream media and transgender makeup tutorials.

We are at a watershed moment in time. It has been building for a long time. Those that are censoring most truly fear those who speak truth to power. It started with alleged "Nazis" even though if there were any left they would be bed ridden geriatrics by now knocking on hell's door. Those in power have moved down the list to anyone they deem xenophobes or islamophobes. I can't help but conclude that this is all being orchestrated. Call me crazy but the fact pattern is undeniable.
What we do now will set the course for humanity. Shall we be slaves or fight against those that would be our overlords?

You Tube he is doomed, how dinosaurs

There is no such thing as a fee lunch. Most of us have received hundreds or thousands of dollars of free services from Google, Facebook, and Twitter over the past 20 year in the form of email, social media, youtube sites, storage, searches, and all sorts of freebies. All along we have been agreeing to the terms and conditions that were really a contract with the devil. The devil is now demanding debts with interest. The freebies were nice while they lasted, but it looks like we crossed the line by reporting too much truth, and the dark forces of Modor are on the march. Complaining to Sauron is not going to help. Steemit/Dtube, Open Source, and the likes of them, are the great shining light, and I'm very impressed with how everyone has put this together. Good is stronger than evil, and we need to remind ourselves that every time we accept the free candy from the dark side, there will be a price to pay.

WE are the true media, MSM is not the truth anymore. We are the alternative media and our voices should be heard.

Youtube will slowly go down with all of their commie censorship! Out of all the video sites that have come and gone Ii believe Dtube actually stands a chance of taking youtube over as the #1 video sharing site.

Youtube will soon be the new myspace! Steemit and dtube are the future! Great report as always Dan!

So glad this is happening. It sucks for all those who might lose money for a while with youtube bullying them around, but ultimately I like that youtube is encouraging people to get on dtube instead. So let's just watch it happen and enjoy the chaos a little bit.

Yep youtube is done. First ad apocalypse, then censorship, now terminating people for no reason plus giving then strikes. I got terminated 3 times as a small youtuber for no reason. This will be the cause of youtubes downfall and dtubes rise

good post Sorry for leaving this comment.I am a poor novice developers. Please Support me with 0.1 SBD. Thank you for your kind

Fuck youtube ... Only Censore !! all

Damn it youtube, don't know who you are but feel your pain. So badly! :( They're doing some 21st century book burning! Nice Dtube channel you have here.

Free speech shall exist and, private cooperations need to stop acting like the soviet Russian government! :(

I had a small family friendly YouTube channel since 2010 that was just increasing popularity in the last 6 months gaining over 100 subscribers a month. Then out of nowhere, they shut me down for violation of community guidelines. I have had no previous strikes so this was a surprise. Then I also found out other channels I subscribe to got shut down also for no reasons at all.


I meant gaining over 100 subscribers a week

nice video ;d

Google, Facebook and Youtube censoring content might not actually be a bad thing at this stage in the game, millions of people use these services to view content and seek knowledge. I myself have learnt a great deal over the years watching youtube videos that gave me access to information that I otherwise would have not had access to. These corporations have been bought and paid for and now regurgitate the same party line of faecal matter and propaganda, the fact they are now cracking down and censoring content shows how desperate they are that their models of information and intellect suppression are losing the battle. All those millions of users who rely on their services will seek out other means like steemit and dtube as the establishment, which these corporations are well and truly apart of now cannibalise themselves out of the market.


Let's hope so! Regrettably I am not so optimistic. Human nature shows that there are so many clueless dumb downed people out there who are more interested in what their friends on facebook are doing and saying and keeping up with the latest fashion than interested in the slightest in what is happening in the wider world.

The fact is that there are more of us than there are of the establishment. If everyone in the world truly woke up and decided to stand up against this tyranny, the system would be completely over turned and the so called elites of the world would be hanging from the nearest street light by lunch time today - that's the power that we have and of which they are totally terrified of.


Interesting point, I was going to touch on that issue in my comment but I am a little more optimistic on this position and I usually lean towards pessimism more often than not. I feel it is less human nature and more so mainstream indoctrination that leads to the dumbing down of people, true human nature is to seek and learn, discover and create, all of which is being frowned upon by the establishment who want good little obedient sheep to keep working and taxing.

All the free people, who have open eyes, who ask the questions and want to find the answers, will flow to the platforms that offer them the freedom to do this. The majority of intellect will flow to these platforms, steemit and co will have an influx of creativity and innovation. Facebook and youtube will have the market share of drones and sheep, who will continue to regurgitate and spew forth meaningless drivel until they realise their audience is shrinking and followers jumping ship.

More people are waking up every day and starting to ask questions and demand answers, it is inevitable as technology connects us like never before and wealth and income gaps are growing like never before. I haven't posted a link in a comment before so I don't know if this will work but here is something interesting about the number of new steemit users coming in to give you some hope.



Ok, I can agree with that. What I mean is that the way things are at the moment, people have been deceived and manipulated into behaving the way they do, and just like water flowing down hill, human nature follows the path of least resistance.

I certainly think the MSM has played a part in this, but it is the whole of Western culture that will need to change. From education, TV, materialism, relationships etc. People know that smoking and drinking and eating junk food is bad for the but for the most part people just keep on doing the same as they always had - some change and give up smoking or what not, but the majority don't. If people awaken from their slumber then yes I agree things will change - I just wonder if this current millennial generation will wake up en masse or if it will be the generation of tomorrow that will get it and be the ones?


It's an ever evolving process, I don't think a generation will wake up at once, millennials are waking, that is the way the current trend is going, the generation after them will be all the more awake as a result. It's hard to say what it really means in terms of actual real change because many can be awake but it is up to the state how they react, will they react like North Korea to keep the people in control or like the former Soviet Union and dismantle themselves to save a huge amount of slaughter and bloodshed?

Go d.tube Go Crypto!!

Feel free using d.tube for everyone :)

I think the reason youtube is censoring so many is that they are still bitter they lost the elections.

Everyone knows that youtube, google, and most mainstream media sites are extremely liberal.

As soon as Trump won, they had a tantrum and started attacking alternative media sites, they coined the term "fake news", but it was flipped against them. Now they are silencing people on youtube, facebook, etc, before the 2020 elections get here.

R.I.P. Youtube, long live DTUBE!!

√√√√√ T H E M T U B E √√√√√

It is really too much these days YouTube strikes even for fine videos. I have no clue why YT does this. We have been seeing many senseless and hateful content in YouTube without any strikes or bans, but good and own contents are being blocked by YouTube. Many contributors worrying when they got strikes even if there is nothing to correct.

It is really high time to promote DTube and Steemit.

It was inevitable sorry to hear bro but don't worry Dan - AK, @Sashadaygame, and The Woke Group are here to save the day helping push a new social media platform called https://www.ong.Social . So you will be able to get paid exactly like Steemit but more Facebook-style and a dashboard where you can cross post so you can get double the cryptocurrency rewards. ^_^ I told @LukeWeAreChange I was going to help fix the demonetization problem that alternative media is facing! ^_o

Cheers, AK.

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good luck every body

I hate YouTube my visa still get lots of hit-and-run comments but I fell below threshold they just installed for monetization so I get nothing. I really resent the effort I put in there and hope to see YouTube destroyed my last video there was on how great Steemit was

DTube the best :D

Dtube has a lot of bugs to work out before they will ever compete with YouTube. I can't upload videos to it and doing some research this appears to be a common problem. I can't find any answers and/or customer service. I love the idea of Dtube but I need to be able to actually use it before I sing its praises.

I'm delighted for the development of Steemit and D-Tube. I just joined Steemit and D-Tube. These are now by go-to-channels.

and thats why i stay away from YT :D

Great video, awesome work !

Nice post, nice to meet you @pressfortruth

Everything involving crisis actors goes in the memory hole I guess.

Only criminals fear exposure; only liars fear truth.

What I also hate about youtube's algorithm is that channels and content creators that used to be able to speak their minds are so scared/worried about ANYTHING they say or show will give them a strike of some time that they self censor. Everything must be PG rated, blur out this, black out that. Its really annoying. I wanted to see and hear what you have to say about it and because of this, they can no longer be themselves or speak their minds.

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I feared you tube was in trouble the day Google bought them. I don't even think what is happening is because they don't like certain people or any fear of governmental hand slapping. It just doesn't fit the model for a maximum profit platform. You don't want to anger or rebuff a big money client.
But that is a short term view in my opinion. I believe it's long term self destructive.
I'm sorry for any pain, anger, or even inconvenience this causes people, but if it speeds up the migration to steamit, I'm actually glad for it at a certain level.

I really hope to see D tube completely kill Youtube, it would be great

YouTube is too huge and dependent on advertising dollars now. I love smaller, more agile companies or in this case platforms. I think there is some room for censorship, if people want to post illegal or harmful content, but not content that just doesn't agree with corporate agenda.

I wonder if someone will create a Steemit x platform or steemhub for racy content lol?

youtube is dead

Don't worry man. We got you here.

Nice Post! 👌👌👌

I got three strikes in two days and lost my main YouTube channel for videos about Parkland, Florida. Thanks to your advice I opened a Steem account and am happy to be here. It's a learning experience but worth the effort.

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I upvoted you with great respect

haha the different from youtube and dtube :)
but i think two platform have advantage and disadvantage.

Hi Dan, I am a youtuber as well, moving on over to Dtube, trying to figure it all out, not sure how to upload a picture or cover picture, guess that takes time, thanks for all your work, got to love our gas prices right now, cheers

huh wow, this looks so much nicer than youtube anyway. Thanks forthe headsup dan!

I can’t believe the censorship that’s happening! Finally came over to Steemit to find you and others who are being shut down on YT. Keep telling!

Setup my Dtube today. Rock on man.

dtube is really good

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Infowars should migrate to Dtube


IMO Infowhores is a Zionist, controlled opposition, fear-mongering operation and Alex Jones is a LIAR who makes real truth seekers look like a bunch of lunatics whenever he goes on MSM. He has a lot of good info sometimes though. Just know he's been doing this for a long time, pushing fear, disinformation & his silly product infomercials he goes on about for 10 minutes of his show! Just research Bill Cooper exposing Alex Jones. I had a video I did about this on YT but my channel was terminated & I just got my Steemit account approved 3 days ago & haven't got that one up on D Tube yet but should in the next couple days. There is much evidence to back these claims up...

I have not even worked on dtube but I wish I could.....

I am so sick of YouTube's new rules and guidelines that are not even effective... I'm main on it now for nostalgia.

Very good video :)

They just banned ALL crypto related ads on Google and most likely will do the same on Youtube as well. Let's hope dTube gets a boost from this and crushes youTube in the long run.

I am so done with Youtube.

does anyone know where my favorite subs are on my channel? new here and I don't know what I'm doing

I have been censored on YouTube as well, it gets repetitive that they will silence someone based on beliefs or even just free expression! Glad we have D tube

You're not alone. The Purge continues. Mike Adams of Natural News recently had his rather large channel The Health Ranger terminated recently. My YouTube channel got hit with a total of 4 strikes in a matter of about 4 days & was terminated only 12 days after I uploaded my 1st Parkland, FL related video the day after the shooting. Ironically, my third strike which got me banned was also my first channel strike which had been reinstated upon appeal. lmao. My new YouTube channel also received one strike on a video with clips of interviews & zero commentary. Ridiculous. Glad I'm on D Tube now so I can start making videos again & not continuously worry about censorship...

The only reason I’m not filling a complaint is because I just don’t go there very much anymore . That place has lost its coolness . Now it just looks like a communist propaganda network , and being former soviet you might understand my reluctance in going there anymore . Everyone be very aware that communism started the same way . First they take your freedom of speech , then they take your right to defend yourself , then your in a cage , or labor camp for re-education . Keep fighting ❗️Never let them have you freedom to say how much they all S U C K ❗️And that we would be saving millions by getting rid of many of them . Please stop going there . Ignoring them , and watching them fade away like MySpace will be more fun . 😆 ✌️♥️👊🏻

I'm a new steemit user and I'm really happy to see such channels appearing on DTube, that's what I'm looking for in here as an alternative to CensorDemonetizeTube. I hope more and more independent journalists will move to alternative platforms in upcoming years.

Like 👍🏻

The new youtube algorithm sucks this days, happy we got steemit, dtube. So many of my favorite streamer move also heree..
Keep Goin!