Massive Downvote... Valid reasons...

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Hello everyone, Hope you are having a good time ...

Okay, in this video no music nothing even kind of raw upload because I feel like this video is for an important purpose and not for fancy things. The fact is massive downvote and reward pools. As an author, I have the right to express my feeling and this is my reaction or question whatever you may think, it's up to you...

What can be the valid reason behind downvote??



I am @priyanarc.... An architect, a dreamer and a passionate writer who loves to write about life. I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way I can know and reach your mind and thought easily...

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Namaste @priyanarc

I understand your confusion about this newsteem trend of encouraging people far more inside this weird direction to push the limits of this trend of downvoting :-) This is actually the price of this new Era on which through all the existing social media platforms, actually the trend is to develop the ego/non-altruistic state of mind/soul :-) of the whole world ...

Imagine that if someone who was a very representative inside #steemit world as a #bot suddenly they've swithced the direction and followed the #newsteem trend. IF you've used bots, even those who used them in the Past, might downvote you very satisfied :-)

Be strong, with cold blood and just move forward inside this weird Matrix :-)

Meanwhile, enjoy some of my music compositions



Ya cold war is ongoing and I have to be calm because nothing more I can do right now..

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Or just quit the platform.. How many need to leave before tings change?

@priyanarc. There is a reason. I see that you asked @slowwalker but didn’t get an answer. So I will try one.

My best guess for the reason is retaliation. Slowwalker is a “circle voter”. He has 3 accounts and a core group of followers who exchange votes with each other. “I vote you you vote me” this is circle voting. Since many of these people in slowwalker circles have substantial Steem power and slowwalker is out there for a while it is easy to get his post in “trending”. Common people see his post in trending and vote even more. So it is regular for his post to get 700 plus votes and 50 + STU in earning.

Seeing this several steemians, begins to downvote slowwalker and several members of the voting circle. As we disagree on the rewards slowwalker is reaping from the common reward pool. Key players being OCDB and Curangel.

You delegate to both. Now slowwalker and many others in the circle are picking up innocent players like yourself just because you delegate to OCDB and curangel. This is nothing but retaliation.

Don’t worry about it. Slowwalker has nowhere to go and I do not think you were targeted. So he will likely move on to the next victim. Anyways you asked and I provided the answer. I don’t like to write too much publicly but in this case I thought I should.

Again don’t worry, it’s not about you. You are just a victim in crossfire :)


Thank you so much @azircon for explaining the entire situation.. Because I was looking for the reason behind this and ya I understand we can't share everything publicly.. Really appreciate your explaination and I am happy I got the answer.. Thanks a lot.

Stay blessed.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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I don't have anything about it....we all are victim...

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Ya true indeed..

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I has gotten out of hand. Was it a revenge flag?


May be.. I don't know the proper reason before but it's retaliation I guess @old-guy-photos

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Stay strong! The world out is more cruel than we may think!


Thank you for showing positivity..

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Downvote can ruin steem blockchain sister.But it bring some good changes.


Obviously good things are happening..

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yes sister.

It's becoming more noticeable that down voting is happening. Some is blatantly obvious but others? You're going to lose good content creators over this.



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Euer GermanBot

I agree that if someone downvote then person must show some respect to author and share the reason so that correction measure can be taken but sad, it's not happening.


Ya its sad but true brother..

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I understand the situation apu, its really very hard to accept without any reason.


:( Thanks brother..

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I don't know the reason. Downvoters don't give any reason. But when people get votes from whale accounts, others get jealous and maybe that's why. Maybe my prediction is wrong.
Stay strong and don't care what others think.
You look pissed off, don't be. It's just part of the game. Move on and enjoy it!
Much Love Sweety!

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I would love to see flagging having to have a reason stated with them. Weather it be plagiarism, stolen photos or I just think the rewards or two big. Don't be a pussy and flag without reason tell the person why you flagged. I don't flag often but if I do you will see a comment on why I flagged you. (I have never flagged you)