Tropical Acai Bowl

2년 전

Hey Food Fight Friday Folks! I was absent last week, thinking that’s a first for me, so am thrilled to be back this week.

Dandays and I have been quite busy making plans and then remaking them. We’ve since decided to leave Costa Rica and start our journey elsewhere. So there’s been lots of eating out, doing errands, and not taking pictures going on. Because it’s also been scorching here I decided to whip up some cold tropical treats for all of us to enjoy. @dandays had the bright idea of me dubbing this video to a fellow steemians track… thanks @cityofstars 🤙- you are the real MVP here!

Without going on and on like we all know I can do, let me leave you with 45 second video that’ll hopefully kick your summer taste buds in gear.

Thank you @foodfightfriday for consistently putting on a badass competition for us lowly Chef’s each week. All you dudes over there are alright in my book. 😉

Pura Vida ✌️


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These things are a lot of fun huh? And still not as much fun as it’ll be when we poop can the food processor, juicer, blender and whatever else won’t fit in 1 suitcase and 1 backpack.

Eh, what’s up Nomad? Met any cool gypsies lately?

iheartu all the time beautifulest.


Heart you the mostest

Looks very delicious :)) cool video!

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Thanks @lion200. I appreciate you dropping a line.

wow, it turns out you and @dandays are close friends, i just found out even though i've been friends too long debgan @dandays, thank you hopefully we can also be good friends here


He’s my husband so yes, close friends indeed :). Thanks for stopping by @ustazkarim!

Aww I'm pretty sad to hear that @dandays and @puravidaville are leaving my home country. I wish I can get to know you personally before leaving and well couldn't make the cycling tour.


So am I @raserrano, You’ve been nothing but kind to us, I wish we could’ve met but I can’t get out of Costa Rica fast enough. I’ve never felt so unwelcome in my life.

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I'm so sorry to hear that your experience has been very bad and I hope that it would be different.

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Thank you for using our released/remixed songs
I hope you like them and you are free to use any of them ;)


Thank you for your permission. I thought the tune went perfectly with the video. Even the snaps are lined up perfectly. Great stuff @cityofstars. Cheers!

I am happy to hear from you my sweet Pura. I hope you guys settle down soon so we can make more of your delicious creation and videos 🥑

Wish you both all the best 🌴😍🌴

Great video @puravidaville. I had to watch it 3 times to catch all of the ingredients. You always come up with something yummy. I've made that skillet cookie twice in the last two weeks. When are you guys leaving Costa Rica? I know you will have fun wherever you go.


Oh my God, that cookie skillet is killer right?!? It sounds so good right this minute but I’m watching my sugar intake so I should probably have an apple instead. Haha. Love that you make my recipes- awesome.

We head out next Saturday 🥶

That looks refreshing, nutritious, and healthy. I have heard that Acai berries are loaded with Antioxidants. With all of the poisons we are exposed to these days, food that has antioxidants in it is a great food to consume.

Nice to have you back @puravidaville, looks delicious as always !


Thanks @byebyehamburgers. Our lives are getting so nomadic it makes it hard for me to write a post each week. … hopefully things will settle again soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

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Good Luck

Since you won’t be able to fit those kitchen gadgets in your back pack, go ahead and send them my direction. Maybe they can help me make a tasty dish like that. WOW!! I will take a bucket of that!!! Yes 5 gallon bucket full please.


I could eat a 5 gallon bucket too. So good. I had to give Dandays the entire bowl, only taking a 1/4 for myself so I don’t sugar out. That’s like shorting out but on sugar :). Haha

I think I checked your profile no less than 5 times last week between Friday and Saturday. I know you got other shits to do, but we folks missed ya! ;) Another totally rad video! Have I told you how much I love that they are all under a minute? I don't know what it is, but I have a short attention span for videos. A minute is just enough to get me drooling, but not so long that I stop before I see that killer finishing scoop! I might just know where I can find some berries to make myself some of this...

Can't wait to see where life takes you guys next! Though I'm sure wherever that may be, good food will follow. :)


I know, I felt really bad not posting on Friday. I don’t think I’ve missed one since starting triple F last year. All videos have to remain under minute just for that reason. Nobody wants to watch a 5 min recipe, nor read a 5 page recipe. I gotcha 😉. I actually threw this vid up a little quickly and would change a lot about this but I missed the week before so what do you do 🤷🏼‍♀️

You know you always have a big ol bowl of anything I make waiting for you at our house, Girl!


Aww, don't feel bad. We all have times where it just doesn't happen. No one doubts your commitment to the FFF crew! I think in general it seems a bit quiet the last week or two, so I think a lot of folks have quite a bit going on in the real world. The good thing is there is no end to the variations of smoothie bowls, so you can whip up a different one and make it even more dope the next time around. ;)

Yum! Love this one, in fact I'll take two or three! So wait! Where are you going????? Will we still hear from you? I do hope you'll keep in touch, I mean what would #fff do without your new videos??? Seriously....we want to hear from you guys! Stay safe, have fun and blessings to you both! :)


Dandays is so active on here, he’ll be around for sure. I will try and post at least once a week like I have been doing but might miss here and there. We are excited to take this journey else where and will definitely share that experience. You’ve always been so kind and fun to talk to @birdsinparadise.… Dandays and I were talking about your neck of the woods. It seems nice over there. We’ve looked all over the state… :)


Well I hope you don't drop off the edge of the earth now!! I would miss you guys too much,, it's been so fun getting to know you both and sharing in your travel experiences. I am so impressed, I know it's been both fun and HARD! :) Just hearing from you brightens my day! You're both pretty amazing in my book! You're right, this area is lush and beautiful. Just like any paradise it has its ups and downs, lol My daughter and her husband work sooooooooooooo hard day in and day out to create what will son be an amazing place. A place to teach and share with others! Definitely not the "conventional" resort type but definitely a resort overflowing with healthy food, and beauty. Perhaps if you're traveling through this area some time you'll stop by, I'm sure they would welcome you with open arms! Be safe and well my friend! Blessings to you both!

Yum. Just bought some acai the other day to take with me to Cambodia. Any plans on where to go to next? Good luck and enjoy the ride.


We are going to NY then off to London… from there you guess is almost as good as mine :). Thanks for stopping by @amy-goodrich. Enjoy that acai 😋

Glad to see that another friday recipe 😀


Thanks @pegarissimo! Always nice to get a line from you :)


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I have never eaten a Tropical Acai Bowl but it looks really delicious

Oh man I could eat that everyday, love it ! Nice video !