Cooking To The Beat : Food Fight Friday

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Hola! Happy Food Fight Friday Everyone.

This week @dandays and I have been at it again, trying to improve our video editing skills. He’s gotten so good in just a small amount of time- really quite impressive.

I decided to make something that’s not only easy but also super versatile. I wanted the dish to be inviting, both on and off camera, and delicious. It only took me 3 times to get the recipe just right. Shhhhhh 🤫… it always takes us stoners a little longer :)

You know what the funnest part of making this weeks triple F contender was… gone now, guess… it was finding the music to lay over the video. I do that by searching “no copy right” or “Creative Commons” music on YouTube. I sift through tons of songs some, eliminating within seconds of hitting the play button, and others having to listen to a few times before deciding to find another. I’ve been exposed to some real cool tunes this way.

::wink:: ::wink:: ::nudge:: ::nudge:: where you at @edprivat? You know we could get a dope little collab going and I’d much prefer using your musical notes over a random… no pressure or anything.

Ed this shout out could be you next week…

“A big thank you to this weeks MVP, (aside from my husband, @dandays, who is the King of my production), for supplying me with the perfect tunage, (sound it out) to lay over our 2nd @dtube debut… all musical credits go to Ehlrling-Heart. This track is seriously dope. We’ve been listening to it for a week and have yet to get sick of it. Thanks again!”

Without boring you with more text I’ll go ahead and post this 58 second video (it’s only 58 seconds, just watch it) but first let me write you out the recipe 😉


3 Cup Black Beans
1 Cup Corn
1 Cup Red Onion (chopped)
1 Cup Bell Pepper (chopped)
1 Cup Tomato (chopped)
1 Cup Pineapple (chopped)
1 Cup Celery (chopped)
1 Tbsp Jalapeño (minced)
1/4 Cup Green Onion
1/4 Cup Cilantro (minced)
1 Tsp Pink Salt
1 Tbsp Chili Powder
1 Tbsp Garlic Powder
1/2 Tbsp Cumin
1/2 Tsp Cayenne
1 Lime Juice
1/4 Cup Pineapple Juice
1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tbsp Olive Oil

Mix well in one big bowl and use for taco toppings, to stuff a potato, add avocado or enjoy with your favorite sturdy chip.

Thanks for watching Y’all!

▶️ DTube


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A few more videos and you guys will be pros! :) I like that it's a short video and that it doesn't take 5 minutes to watch it. It's clear and cool! I didn't turn on the sound as my husband is sleeping, lol but I'm sure that you got the best music for it :)

Thank you for sharing and enjoy the warm days over there :)


Awesome! I’m glad you checked it out @delishtreats. You gotta hear the tunes though, it makes the video (not really but kind of). Haha. Thanks for dropping by :)

Check you out getting all kinds of love from different curators. I don’t know, for this being just the second one, I think you might be onto something—I think they like it.

Congratulations. You’re a rockstar. “Wait’ll you see the next one”


You’re a rockstar :)

I'm so glad that you are now sharing your Friday reciepes on DTube! The tunage is great and of course it looks delicious and refreshing. The beats fit it well too!


Thanks @pegarissimo. The music just happened to line up perfectly like that on its own. I was really happy with it. I’m glad you checked it out. All video editing cred goes to @Dandays. Can you believe this was only his 2nd video? Crazy right? Nice to see back on the platform old friend 😉

CONGRATULATIONS!!! WELL DONE!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! No doubt it's delicious, but you really did an excellent job with the video. I can't wait to see more! You go @dandays and my Dear Pura 🌴😍🌴


Thanks @lenasveganliving. We’ll have more coming :)


Fantastic! I look forward to that 🌴😍🌴

The whole concept is dope.
Great job. You make it look so easy yet delicious.
I want at least 3 of them.


I’ll make you as much as you want when you come to visit 😘


It was so nice to see a picture of you. That @dandays is stingy that way...can't really blame him though.
( Ima just call and video chat hahahah}

You guys are getting very good with the videos. This cowboy caviar looks amazing and it is so versatile.


Thanks @paleotwist. It looks like your quesadilla and salsa from earlier this week 😉 I’m heading over to your page to check out your triple F now :)

Ding, ding ding! Winner, wow!!! You can send a bowl of that taco goodness to me any old time @puravidaville! Love this video, the colors (the food) the music! This is fabulous, love what you two are doing! Cant' wait to see what you make next. The video quality is perfect and the presentation, SPOT ON! You tell @dandays, I could literally count the kernals of corn, lol So proud of you guys :)


Thank you so much @birdsinparadise. Dandays has been working hard to figure out this whole editing thing. All I have to do is cook, which is no problem for me :). You know you are welcome to a plate of anything we are having anytime 😉.

NAILED IT!! Great team work you guys!! That looks like a bowl of food coma to me!! DEEEELICIOUS!!!

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We could totally eat the entire bowl too. It’s actually much lighter than one would expect. That’s why I stuffed sweet potatoes with it, to give us that extra gusto :).

Yeehawww! 🤠

Looks Amazing and great job on the vid ( drop the beat not the chef knife 😜).


The beat is awesome, right? Haha… thanks for the support @weirdheadaches.

So colorful @puravidaville. I'm sure it's delicious. I love all the combinations. Greetings from UAE

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Hola @sherylneil, thanks for checking it out. I think I can eat a variation of a bowl like this every single day. Haha. Enjoy your weekend 😉

looking for more, i mean hardest one :)

Can I get an order of cowgirl tacos pretty please? So much yum in that bowl! It was only a few years ago that I was introduced to cowboy caviar, but it is so delicious I wish I had found it sooner. Perfect for a hot weather meal. I might just have to make a batch if we end up going to a cookout for Memorial weekend! Another really fantastic one to record. Love the music you chose this time, as well. Just sitting over here clapping once again this week. 😊


I have never made it… crazy right?!? Almost everything I make lately has some form of pineapple in it. Haha… it seems only fitting over here. Dandays actually heated a bowl up and ate it with chips… looked pretty good 🤷🏼‍♀️ Yes, @plantstoplanks is about to get down on some yummy cook out dishes 😋. The music will help you get in the creative mood if you need a little inspo. We’ve seriously been rocking out to this song for a week straight- love it. Enjoy your weekend sista! I’ll be looking for your Memorial Day food post 😉

Boy doesn't that look tasty.
Going over the ingredients I knew everyone except for the cumin, not that I have used too many of them in my meals. When a dish requires that much stuff, #farm-mom is usually at the helm and I would be on the end of a knife, following directions.
@dandays has got it going on with the videos.


Oh you got this @thebigsweed! There’s really nothing to it and you can totally season as you see fit. That’s the beauty of this recipe, super relaxed. It’s always nice to read your comments Sweed! Thanks for remaining such a solid friend. Your support is much appreciated :)


This is exactly why I need to go to steem-world on a daily basis, I almost missed this reply. A solid friend, now that is a really nice compliment. The feeling is mutual @puravidaville.


Samesy’s :)

One of my favorites! Great recipe and video!


Thanks so much @melinda010100! I appreciate you dropping a line.

Wow @puravidaville, great dish, and the music was prefect. You go girl


Gotta love those Friday reciepes! It looks like it has a very refreshing taste. Its great that you are now sharing it on Dtude, the video is really well made, the music fit perfectly with the theme! Great job


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