Cascade Poetry - A Sacred Journey

5개월 전

Today is the final day of my poetic experiment creating six individual poems that link together into a cascade of expression.

As promised, I have put together a poetry reading of the finished product and am very happy with the result.

This poem engenders a journey that we all travel together, the path from birth through to death... the inexorable adventure that is life.

While not explicitly expressed, each poem creates a metaphor for different phases of life. Together they build into a series of scenes representing the passage from cradle to the grave.

I hope you enjoy the @dtube reading.

▶️ DTube

Youtube Version if Needed

For those who prefer to read here are the six poems together in progression.

The Mirror.jpg

The Birth of Desert Winds.jpg

The Storm of Growth.jpg

The Midday Sun.jpg

Twilight of the Soul.jpg

Transcendent Light.jpg

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Coming through to watch this soon

@tipu curate


Cheers Jose :)

Lovely, I enjoy poetry and have some originals posted too.


Thank you julescape.

Glad you enjoyed the poetry. I shall swing by your blog and have a look at yours :)

such beautiful imagery you create with your words, and then hearing your speak them really brings them to life. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations with us all xxx


Thanks Aishlinn

I'm made up that people enjoy the poetry readings. Lol, the time spent in video editing is all worth while when I get fantastic feedback like this :) xx