Day 3 | River Thames Cold Therapy | Raising Awareness for Mental Health + Steem

7개월 전

This is the full video for Day 3 of my River Thames Cold Therapy + some after thoughts!

The clip of the jump is already posted on Twitter.

And also on Instagram!

Watch the video to see me cannonball into the river and for the after vlog where I share some thoughts, and how this morning's jump was for me.

You can read the back story of why I'm doing this on my post a few days ago:

thames cold therapy day 0 thumbnail.jpg

But the gist is: I am jumping into the river for cold therapy, a new commitment I'm adding into my Mental Health practice. I am posting clips of myself doing this and posting it on Social Media to help raise awareness for Mental Health, and also Steem and Crypto.

The plan is:

Every day at approximately 8am GMT, I will be posting a clip of me jumping into River Thames on Twitter.

What I wear and do before I jump in, will differ every day, and will most likely be a bit kooky.

I will usually only post a clip on Twitter, and will post the full video on Dtube and Youtube.


Let me know if you have any fun suggestions or thoughts!

And feel free to send me lots of encouragement, it helps a lot :)

Much Love from Red

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WOAH! Nice one. I could NEVER do this hahaha. You're braver than I am for sure. Plus, you appear to be able to swim, which is a plus 😂😂😂


Hahhah I bet I could make you do it with me just once....

Oh wait, that sounds really bad hahha :P


Yeaaa baby 😂😂😂

Wow. Nice one. Nice and funny. Was the water too cold?

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Thanks ;) Yes the water is cold, but not freezing. I need to get a thermometer and check what temperature the water is actually :)

Oh Lord, without the aid of the rubber Dingy....that dingy needs its own account! I think it could tell a few stories ;-)

It must be bloody freezing, would this therapy not work if you simply rubbed your face with a wet flannel left in the fridge overnight?

If these leaps don't eventually hit trending, I'll eat my hat. You need to make a weekly compilation with slo-mo and stuff!

Final point, have a word with your old fella, he should have the camera in one hand and a cup of hot cocoa in the other!

Best wishes to you. This is far more entertaining than watching people do fake press-ups lol ;-)


Hahah the dinghy might actually have to retire soon, it has a slow leak, so I'm slowly phasing it out :P

It's a shocking cold, but it's not freezing, and at least I'm not doing this during winter right?! The point of it is the shock to the whole body I think, how I feel about it so far is I'm doing something that's totally uncomfortable but harmless for my body, while it's doing something incredible for my mind.

I will definitely hold you to the hat eating. If these don't hit trending, that should do it hahaha..

You also read my mind re weekly compilations, I think they'll be awesome! I have no idea how to make them slow mo though, so let's see what I manage!

I do hope as I keep going, I'll get more and more creative! For now, I feel like I'm mainly getting used to doing this every morning first! Glad you're entertained though ;)

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Keep going girl 👧

Commitment is doing the thing long after the mood you said it in has gone, so well done for doing that ! Have you noticed that after doing this that you don't get cold throughout the day ?


Hells yea!! So I usually jump straight into the shower after the plunge, and I actually cannot have the usual hot showers I like to have anymore. The maximum I can take is a cool/slightly luke warm shower. That's the most obvious difference for me so far, body temperature wise. The weather's been pretty decent, so it's hard to gauge if I can take the cold better nowadays. Mentally though, I can see how much this has boosted me in pretty much every way so far.

First I wondered why you would use the "fun" tag because it just looked overwhelming
But your after thoughts... made sense of that tag
I am glad that it is helping you
But I don't think I could ever do that... and with that dress too hahahaha.... it must be super cold


Haha using the "fun" tag because of the supposed fun ideas I'm trying to incorporate with the jumps.. although I'm still getting there Haha :P

And yes it's cold, before I started doing it, I would have thought that too that I never could. But now that I've done it a few times, it's really not that bad. I feel like it's lifting this mental block within me, of not wanting to do certain things just because they seem uncomfortable. A "mind over matter" type realization.


I am rooting for you @redrica
How long will you be doing this for?

You make me wonder if I would ever dare to do it 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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Of course you would! In the end, it's just cold water ;)

Thank you for these funny videos. Your experiance is very cute. Thank you again

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Thanks, I appreciate it :) They have been fun to make, kind of!

😂😂😂 thanks for share...!! hope people also face this situations like me, when it seen complete.

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wooo very funny video

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