Day 2 | River Thames Cold Therapy | Raising Awareness for Mental Health + Steem

3개월 전

This is the full video for Day 2 of my River Thames Cold Therapy + some after thoughts!

The clip of the jump is already posted on Twitter.

Today, I went "posh" and attempted a cannonball. And afterwards, a neighbour decided to come out and share his thoughts about what I'm doing. Check the video to see what happened!

You can read the back story of why I'm doing this on my post yesterday:

thames cold therapy day 0 thumbnail.jpg

But the gist is: I am jumping into the river for cold therapy, a new commitment I'm adding into my Mental Health practice. I am posting clips of myself doing this and posting it on Social Media to help raise awareness for Mental Health, and also Steem and Crypto.

The plan is:

Every day at approximately 8am GMT, I will be posting a clip of me jumping into River Thames on Twitter.

What I wear and do before I jump in, will differ every day, and will most likely be a bit kooky.

I will usually only post a clip on Twitter, and will post the full video on Dtube and Youtube.


Let me know if you have any fun suggestions or thoughts!

And feel free to send me lots of encouragement, it helps a lot :)

Much Love from Red

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Good going.... your neighbor is right. Crazy is the word 🤪😉

But crazy people are the most interesting and creative.

I tried the cold water therapy this morning (cold shower like something from a 1960's borstal), right after doing the breathing and it has made a difference in how I feel today.

I wouldn't say I'm a complete Wim Hof convert just yet, but I'm gonna keep trying it and see where it goes 🙂

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Hahah yes I've come to embrace my crazy! It's taken some life lessons and fine tuning to make sure I channel it for good though ;)

I love that you were willing to try it out and amazing that it made a difference to how you felt today! Just wow!

Sooo do you have a cold river near you? Sounds like you'll be up for joining me in this stunt soon enough Haha :D

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It's good to embrace the crazy. I spent years battling against myself before I realized that's not the way to go. As you said, it's all about channeling it in a positive way.

For me, it all goes into my creative writing... and particularly horror short stories. Sometimes I worry about my own mind when I edit them 🤣

Sooo do you have a cold river near you?

Ha ha, yes the river Mersey... but I'm a little concerned about the possibility of picking up a rare disease jumping in every day. I have scuba dived a wreck in the Mersey bay b4 so I know it's reasonably clean these days. Maybe in a few months time if my health improves.

P.s. I'm guessing you're near to the source of the Thames? I used to holiday at a place called 'ShipLake' as a kid which was near to the source of the Thames. I have hazy memories of learning to row a boat at ShipLake and swimming in the river in the summer 🙂

Lol, I've gone epic with the comment again 😆

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end of the month is gonna be so awesome. your intention will be rewarded.


Oh yea.. I can picture it already :D

Thanks so much man for all the support!!

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no worries. keep it going. you'll feel a different person in a few weeks time.

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