Are you Passionate about Creating Content on Steem or is it an Obsession ?? Be Careful about the Latter !!


Do have a healthy Passion for the blockchain and creating Content like videos and blog posts ?

Or do you have an obsession with it where it actually interferes with your daily Life and the activities in it ?

If so you need to take a step back and think about prioritizing things differently in your Life

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You are right not to be obsessed with creating content on a daily basis, but for many it is a way of making money.
slaudos friend.


I hear you. It definitely is a Balancing act

  ·  작년

I am passionate about creating content and engaging with fellow steemian , making some side end money is also a motivating factor as well @robertandrew

  ·  작년

A bit of both for me!


Yep...I can attest to it being sometimes for me too.

I am very passionate to make posts on Steem Blockhain, since since my child is someone who really likes to Steem we will benefit we can never get in other social media like Facebook, Instagram and others ,, in Steem we can channel writing talents and share content to people around the world, besides can make me know many people from different countries,.

I am very happy to have many friends with different backgrounds and cultures ..

I have always though of it and i have always tried to balance the two

I am steeming because of compulsion Sir @robertandrew
Because I just needed to save funds for my medical necessities, I am virtually on my own with regards to funding my own needs. It is just I am fortunate that I found steem community and friends that truly gives a helping hand.

  ·  작년

I definitely used to be pretty obsessive about it. I would freak out if I wasn't able to get a post out every day. There were sometimes on the weekend where I just about had a melt down because I realized it just wasn't going to happen. It is definitely hard to find that balance sometimes.