Just Do It...Make that First Dtube Video No Matter How Scared You Are !!

3년 전

Once you make that first one it will get easier and easier. I was terrified myself at first and kept messing up. But as I forced myself to keep doing them... well now I can do videos without even thinking. It's second nature and I thought that would be an impossibility 5 months ago !

As they say practice, practice,practice

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Excellent review @robertandrew and you are right, the first step is the most difficult, but then everything goes on increasing!

I remember the first time of trying to make my first dtube video on this platform, I was a kind of nervous staying at the front of the camera. Kind of wondering what am I going to say

You are absolutely right, Rob ... doing the first one is indeed very frightening and makes someone nervous. . after that everything becomes easy and ordinary. Enjoy your day, sir.

Thank you for the advice and encouragement looking forward to making my first video

Yes sir i am trying to do it. As i never done it yet but surely do it in future. Not exactly scare sir but not ready for it to do it.

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The start determines the end, true as it is. Am finding my balance on edited vlogs and hope steem favors me or rather gets me up and going.

  ·  3년 전

Nope, still to scared! :) Keeping putting out awesome posts like this and you will wear me down one day. I am sure of it :)