Rob The Ranger: Rewind 2018 - My Top 5 Video Countdown

2년 전

It's Rewind Time!

Counting down the top five most watched videos I uploaded in 2018 with the help of some South African YouTuber friends..

Videos Featured:

  1. Giraffe Feast For Hyenas | Natures Garbage Disposal!

  • Lions With A Warthog | Incredible Maasai Mara Lion Action

  • Crocodile Tries To Catch Buffalo As Hippos Watch (Introduced By Antony Raison)

  • Leopard Catches A Warthog | Rob The Ranger Special Edition

  • Male Leopard Fails To Catch A Warthog After Waiting For Hours!

  • Best wishes to you all for 2019!!

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    Thanks for sharing our wonderful wildlife in Africa, the great outdoors where everything needs to eat.

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