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We traveled from London to the beautiful City of Leicester and we were talking about Steem cryptocurrency future. I am happy to share my experience also filming at the Phoenix Interact Labs.

special thanks to:
@redrica, @dronegraphica, @slobberchops, @gillianpearce, @goblinknackers, @lloyddavis, @steevc, @revisesociology, @shanibeer, @starkerz, @teodora, @knightswood, @ashtv.

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Amazing work bro! I’m sad I missed this

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@Adetorrent the Camp was excellent!
I met many stemiams that I never had the opportunity before.
To be honest...I was almost sure to find you there.
I enjoyed everything, but I was very surprised because the city is :
Vegan friendly
Crypto friendly
Eco friendly and self awere oriented.
I will come back for sure.


Wow. CryptoLeicester :) . I've never been there. I would have come but I was in the Czech Republic at the time.

Fantastic mate! Some nice nuggets of wisdom caught in there.

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It's always a great experience to shoot again with you. cheers bro!!

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Vorallem mit viel Sonne.

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Bis denne

Brillsville @rod.crisafulli. You're such a talent! 😁

I so enjoyed spending time with you again and hope it won't be too long until the next time . . . maybe in Brighton? 😍


@gillianpearce fantastic time!
Every occasion is always perfect to meet you
BRIGHTON !!! I'm already counting the seconds for it

Nice vid - music and voice - must have taken a good while editing!

Great meeting you and catch you at a future event for sure!

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Hi Karl !
Thanks, will be great to cash you again very soon.

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A cool roundup of a fun day. Thanks for making this.


@steevc Thank you so much, I am happy you liked it.

Love it!!! Hope this one didn't take you too long to make ;)


5 min long instead of 20 min. A lot faster 😬. Was hard to cut sequences.
I will do my best to stay less than 10 min.

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